Visitors & Figures For Sale, Wants List, & Retired Gallery

This page is for images of those Sylvanians who have visited the various families at Mosswood Fells, yet chose to move on rather than become a resident. (Or: this page is to showcase those Sylvanians and Calico Critters whom I have had the joy of owning temporarily before giving them to family, selling them online, etc.) They have the joy of having gotten to be present for a brief, friendly stay at Mosswood Fells.

When sold, they will be deleted.

~Past Visitors~

Grandmother Honey Bear/Huntington Bear & infant Honey Bear/Huntington Bear
Two families of Chestnut Raccoons
A family of Thistlethorns (now owned by Teakitty!)
A family of Timbertop Bears (now owned by Teakitty!)

A relative of Misty Waters (ie: a duplicate Misty)
A family of Slydales (generation 1- now owned by Lollipop!)
A pair of young Bullrush frogs (friends of the golden-tailed vixen)
Marjorie Bunny & Morgan Mouse (now owned by WhiteTire2614, w/ Timbertop Forrest/Ashley Evergreens)
Baby Guinea Pigs in Stroller
A chihuahua dog and a few lambs




Forrest & Ashley Evergreen
Rose TimbertopSlydales, first generationMorris & Kelsey Sweetwater bears



Wildwood Chocolate Rabbits

Already have the Windwards and was thinking to replace them with these, but decided not to. They're adorable enough on their own! Looks like Lilly's parents and grandfather visited :)

Haven't incorporated these into the Fells yet; they're still available!


For sale:
Cream fancy Chantilly cat






~Visitors & Figures For Sale~

At present, most of the above figures are for sale, listed here.

~Wants List~

I am looking for the following:

-Brightfield Goat Father- to turn into a custom creature! (I have one already but he's too cute to customize/modify! Hence looking for a duplicate.)

-Proper original dress for Moss Reindeer daughter (blue, has lace fringe up shoulders, etc)

~Meadows Mice (look like tan/golden versions of the grey Thistlethorns)

-Grey squirrels without any striping

-Gold princess dress w/ necklace (Japanese item) or red w/ gold accents

-Ask and I'll let you know! :3


Overall I like many of the Sylvanians/Critters. Some stuff I'm just unsure of or flat-out have no interest in, per below. If it's not on this list, I'm open to considering it! :) And if it's on the Neutral list, pitch the idea to me anyways!

*Dislikes: Pigs, bears, boars, frogs

*Neutral: Rabbits@, dogs, cats

@= You'd have to ask. I'm neutral towards them. I hope someday to get to Grinpa in person though, and get the rare Grinpa Sylvanians! :)

~Retired Gallery~

Retired Sylvanians. Thank you for 29 beautiful years of childhood fun and memories restored.

~Kirsty & Scott Corntop: reflocked for final dignity before retiring. Decided I didn't like that they were still colorful from marker as a kid, brought them back into service as the black rabbits. Fully painted/reflocked black.

~Grover & Myrtle Chestnut: reflocked for final dignity before retiring. Brought back into service as the black raccoons. Fully painted/reflocked black.

~Thistlethorns~ reflocked the son & daughter for for final dignity before retiring. Brought back into service as the black mice. Fully painted/reflocked black.

~Still in Service~

Roger Waters, Mr. & Mrs. Corntop, Lilly & Hickory Windward


Rose Timbertop, Chester & Willow Thistlethorn, assorted cubs