Hello from the Residents of Mosswood Fells!

Here are the following residents of Mosswood Fells. You will find the traditional names for my figures as well as any info on how they relate to Mosswood Fells, which will be in italics.

To see what everyone does for a living and roster list of who's a resident in the Fells, click here.


The first family I ever received, at four years old in 1988. I still have my old ones, though the son/daughter are retired.


The Corntops Rabbits

Acquired by: when I was four years old as a gift by my best friend's father
Replaced by: A yard-sale app purchased lot to replace Kirsty, Scott and eventually Christabel & Hector.

FATHER HECTOR CORNTOP loves digging in his garden. He's never happier than when he is planting row upon row of carrots and lettuce. He loves chatting over the garden fence to his neighbour Nancy Waters, who is also a big gardening enthusiast like him. They are often swapping notes and tips on how to grow perfect plants.

MOTHER CHRISTABEL CORNTOP is very proud of her fruit garden and orchard. Her apples are famous for being the crispest and the most delicious in the whole of Sylvania. She often swaps baskets of fruit for flowers with her neighbour Nancy Waters.

BROTHER SCOTT CORNTOP can run faster than any other rabbit in Sylvania. He's always organising races just so he can prove how fast he is. Once he starts running there is no stopping him!

SISTER KIRSTY CORNTOP loves dancing and putting on dance events. Her favourite event is the Barn Dance she puts on every year with Misty Waters at the school for all of the children of Sylvania.

Kirsty was always a powerful swimmer and individual; she survived trips to the 'great ocean' and spent far too much time in the water. After a rather embarrassing incident of being mostly furless, it finally grew back*, much to her relief. Her brother was always the adventurer; quite the opposite from his agrarian-minded parents and always out and about with Grover Chestnut, Roger Waters and others. Sadly the Corntops lost both of their tiny babes in a horrible accident, but that is not spoken of and the family tries to heal and move on. Today, the Corntops are a powerful voice of companionship and reason for all in Mosswood Fells- and they even led the way to found it.

*=The figure pictured is a replacement for my other, as is Scott.


The first family I ever received, at four years old in 1988. I still have my old ones, though the son/daughter are retired.

The Windward Rabbits

Acquired by: when I was four years old as a gift by my best friend's father
Replaced by: eBay lot contained the original outfit (pants/lace had been missing for 29 years; figures replaced in a lot from NJ on Craigslist given to me

HICKORY WINDWARD thinks of his bride Lilly, he forgets what he's doing. One time he licked a letter and then mailed the stamp!

LILLY WINDWARD'S friends call her "Lovely Lilly" because she's such a beautiful bride. She calls herself "Lucky Lilly" to have Hickory as a groom.

Lilly is Christabel Corntop's best friend. The two are always together, though Christabel is always worried Lilly is disrespecting her wedding dress and that it will become damaged beyond repair. When she's mentioned this, the chocolate-furred rabbit shrugs and always sticks to her agreement- "I promised Hickory I would wear it until it falls apart. Until then, I can just keep washing it. I know t'isn't appropriate to be wearing it around all the time, but I can't bear to let it sit unworn! It's too lovely for that." Lilly is head over heels and has tried to bear children with Hickory and has recently- finally- just succeeded. Baby Peanut Windward loves to play with the edges of Lilly's dress.

In the meanwhile, Hickory simply can't remember where he's put his pants and shirt, though he's certain he will find them eventually. He threw them off after the wedding and the clothes were the least of his concerns at the time! They recently renewed their vows as their community started their mass migration which led to wherever they would call home, with Mr. Van Dyke officiating and the entire community cheering! He truly loves his wife and vice versa.


The immense Thistlethorn family!

The Thistlethorn Mice

Acquired by: when I was four years old as a gift by my best friend's father, along with the Corntops
Replaced by: Willow went missing over the years after I moved out of college; she was replaced by a 'rescue' purchase on Etsy which also contained Misty Rogers. Chester was replaced by a listing on a yardsale apppurchased lot along with Lester and Prissy, which enabled me to replace my very overloved figures of the same name. Because this lot also contained a Willow, my original Willow is now retired! Also, some from a Craigslist lot from NJ a friend gave me

The Thistlethorns were my most-loved set as a kid 'cause my aunt was a ballet dancer in the Nutcracker, and one of her scenes was also as a soldier against the rodents and the king. I've always loved rodents.

FATHER CHESTER THISTLETHORN is the editor of the newspaper. When there isn't much news, he makes it up himself, but he always ensures that his stories have a happy ending.

Chester Thistlethorn is such a hard worker that he went into the woods one day to help other Sylvanians and never returned! His wife was dreadfully upset, but he will find his way back to her soon!

MOTHER WILLOW THISTLETHORN helps her husband at the local newspaper. Because they are the only two who work there, she's ended up being the chief reporter, the photographer, the typist and sometimes she even delivers the newspapers. She has also got absolutely perfect manners and teaches all her children to be polite.

Willow was my most favorite of the entire early collection of Original Sylvanian Families. She was always helping others- no matter how tiring it got. Her selfless nature led her family to follow in her pawsteps. Her youngest, Heather and Barry, also perished along with the Corntops' children. To this day she speaks not of it but has embraced the two children she does have- Lester and Prissy.

BROTHER LESTER THISTLETHORN is always playing tricks. Once he jumped out on his sister Prissy and shouted 'BOO' so loudly, he frightened himself!

SISTER PRISSY THISTLETHORN sings all the time. She's so happy, she brings a smile to the saddest Sylvanian's face, even though her voice is not very good.

Lester has a warrior's spirit in him, as does his sister Prissy. To such an end, they, Scott and Kirsty- and even Roger- formed a 'warriors group' and would practice their stick-fighting abilities. Pretending to keep their villagers safe, they donned colorful paints on their faces and actively scared off any possible threats- usually harmless insects flying or crawling by. They certainly kept everyone entertained! Finally, the entire extended family decided to move to Mosswood Fells with their relatives.

Rear Left: 'Rescue purchase' became Willow (to replace my old missing one). Middle-left mouse is Willow's cousin (ie: another Willow but with a newer dress/figure), Auntie Aspen. Right mouse w/ newest dress is Auntie Magnolia. To the rear-right is Father Chester who married into the family, with cousin Sweetpea, to the front is Lester and Prissy (replacing my old markered-up tailless Lester & Prissy). Aunties Aspen and Magnolia haven't wedded yet- they're very spirited young mice women!



Chestnut raccoons. Fuzzy tails (no wire)

The Chestnut Raccoons

Acquired by: when I was four years old as a gift by my best friend who decided she didn't want Grover either; never had the other family members. Later received Myrtle as well. The originals from my childhood became bait for re-flocking and retired.
Replaced by: in a lot from NJ on Craigslist given to me- along with other raccoons to form the family pictured at left

FATHER DURWOOD CHESTNUT and his entire family are all a little eccentric. He says that's why they're so much fun. It's never a dull moment at the Chestnut household, with something strange and bizarre happening.

MOTHER PANSY CHESTNUT is forever getting mixed up. Once she made a Christmas cake at Easter. Another time she started hanging the clean crockery on the washing line!

BROTHER GROVER CHESTNUT is always asking crazy questions. What time is tomorrow? Where is up? The teachers try to avoid him in school when he puts his hand up to ask a question.

Grover has been through a lot. Please visit the Stories page so as to better understand this raccoon. Simply put, he is a prankster- a loner yearning for others who understand him with a splash of good-hearted on the side.

SISTER MYRTLE CHESTNUT once threw a surprise party – for herself!

Myrtle is best understood in context under the Stories page as well. Simply put, she has reunited with her brother though they have yet to reunite with their parents (which will change soon!) and Grover does not often listen to her in his bullheaded independent streaks. Sometimes, she figures, it's best to go with the flow rather than against it- and she's a bit of a prankster too, but for different reasons. It turns out that Grover and Myrtle both independently came to the conclusion they were orphans but were incorrect. See stories page for more info!

Baby Sister Charity is such a little wiggler. She wiggles so much she rocks her own cradle.

Baby Brother Hoss knows what he likes. He likes food. He loves to eat. And eat 'n eat 'n eat 'n eat.
(Unfortunately, while boiling their clothing clean with baking soda and salt after receiving them, Hoss's outfit was stained pink- he's the bitty raccoon at left. However, the interior side is still a pale blueish hue. Don't be fooled by this little hungry trickster!)

(Pending story: reuniting w/ parents)



Featuring all replacement figures. See retired images on other page for old Roger figure.


The Waters Beavers

Acquired by: when I was four years old as a gift by my best friend who decided she didn't want Roger; never had the other family members
Replaced by: A yard-sale app purchased lot; Misty came along with a Thistlethorn from Etsy

FATHER WADE WATERS is the best house builder in the woods. He is always busy designing and creating new buildings for Sylvania. He is a perfectionist and always takes note of what type of building everyone wants and then tries his best to please them. Wade has a workshop which is very untidy and full of boxes with 'things that might come in handy, one day!' and consequently, he never throws anything away! Nancy Waters is driven mad because his workshop has now overflowed into her conservatory where all her beautiful plants and seeds are growing and she can never get to water them properly! But she always forgives him because Wade creates such beautiful designs and buildings.

MOTHER NANCY WATERS grows the most beautiful flowers in town. She is known as the 'green fingered' Sylvanian because every plant she touches grows beautifully! Nancy is always very busy in her garden and in her conservatory growing seeds and flowers and she is famous for her miniature roses and sweet peas. May Blossom buys all her roses and sells them at the Village Florist. She is often to be seen chatting to Hector and Christabel Corntop – swopping gardening stories, no doubt! Hector loves digging in his garden, in fact, in anyone's garden, so he is a special friend of Nancy's!

BROTHER ROGER WATERS is everyone's favourite in Sylvania. He was voted headboy of his school, which is a job he takes very seriously. He is good at everything but does not show about his talents, he gives all his friends a helping hand! He is a trained Scout and enjoys going on adventures with other Sylvanian kids. They love exploring the secret paths and hidden caves in the Sylvanian woods. Roger is very particular about his appearance, especially where his teeth are concerned.

SISTER MISTY WATERS is very creative like her mother and father, and she is always lost in thought, dreaming about one project or another which can get her into trouble because we think she is daydreaming about nothing! We often have to say things twice to her because she is so lost in thought! Misty loves music and dancing and together with her friend Kirsty Corntop, they organised a barn dance for all the young Sylvanians. It was a great success. Her favourite daydream is of being a famous dancer, as the principle ballerina in Swan Lake or topping the bill in the theatre production of Cats.

Roger was the first orphan to attend the old abandoned schoolhouse which the Corntops and Thistlethorns were attempting to make habitable with the amnesiac bear teacher. He fell in with Grover Chestnut's company since the young raccoon also seemed to be without parents and adopted by the villagers, but Roger is nicer as a young beaver with an industrious mind, so he eventually began to regret keeping in Grover's company and backed away rather than actively continue pranking the Sylvanians they were helping. When the Mass Migration occurred, he was extremely gung-ho and as they encountered any need for lumber, he was the first to go get it! With a little help, of course.



Treefellows Owls

The Hoothoots AKA the Treefellow Owls

Acquired by: when I was four years old as a gift by my best friend who decided she didn't want them; never had the other family members
Replaced by: in a lot from NJ on Craigslist given to me

It is not known whooo is whoo. However, the names of the two owls who Roger and Chestnut found one day in the woods may well be Grumpy, Winky or Blinky. The owls thought it was great fun not to be named and to keep the other Sylvanians confused- and as they stood guard over the village at night on silent wings, the Sylvanians came to simply refer to them as "the owls" or "the Treefellows" (and depending on who you ask, sometimes 'the birdbrains'- but Grover had nothing to do with that, or did he!?). Often, they simply get called the "Hoothoots" by Sylvanian youth. The very first two owls I had are the ones in the center; the one at left sustained an eye injury but was repaired by sanding the eye with very fine sandpaper and nail polish, though it soaked into the flocking. I have named the father Hermes, the mother Artemis, and the owl hatchlings- well, who knows?





Molly! Not retiring her despite her having an *ugh* white-out-drawn 'pearl' necklace on her neck and sharpie makeup.

Molly McBurrows

Acquired by: when I was four years old as a gift by my best friend who decided she didn't want her; never had the other family members. Who knows if she's actually an adult figure, but hey! :)

SISTER MOLLY MCBURROWS is very clever with her hands. She uses her artistic talents to create beautiful presents and gifts for all her family and friends. Molly puts a lot of thought into her gifts and usually gets them just right. Her mother was thrilled with her willow basket, for example – now she could keep all her cleaning equipment in one easy to find place. Her father loved that pair of slippers she sewed for him – now he could put his feet up when he got home after a busy day at work. Unfortunately the beautiful sweater Molly knitted for her brother Muddy was not such a success – it was white, but obviously didn't stay white for very long!

In a word, Molly is awesome. The poor woman's been merrily chugging along in her daily drudgery, always with a smile or twinkle in her eye, no matter what rags she happened to be wearing- most often a pink, tattered sleeveless dress with a pale diamond-woven pattern all throughout it. When Bernise showed up, she expressed interest in an old dress Molly had which was just a tad too large and far too proper for her. It had been a gift from the other Sylvanians in their village- from an old otter woman in specific who had passed by- but Molly didn't believe in wearing something that would just fall apart with use- so, they swapped clothing! Now, Molly is happy as can be in Bernise's green pants and plaid shirt, and though it seems she's always going to wear baggy clothing in one way or another, she claims it's comfortable and lets her keep doing everything she needs to!

More importantly, Molly has excellent weight with Grover, Myrtle and the Treefellow owls. Her humble ways and heavy molish accent are endearing, and she knows others' hearts better than they themselves might! Such is especially the case with Grover, who sees her as a surrogate aunt of some sort. In fact, some Sylvanian children may even call Molly "Auntie Molly" or "Auntie McDiggin's!" even though her last name is McBurrows. She loves to live, and live to love. Secretly, the Sylvanians are planning a thank you party for her and all her hard work in cubsitting while they work for all the years she's been doing it. Not once has she ever mentioned children, though she knows they're out there somewhere...



This is Molly McBurrows. The mother in this set is Molly. I call this one Heidi anyways.


Heidi McBurrows

Acquired by: a lot from NJ on Craigslist given to me
Note: I know I have Molly and Heidi's names backwards. When I was a kid, I didn't like the name Heidi, so Heidi became Molly, and now that I have a Molly, Molly became Heidi! Yep, confusing. Oh well. To me, my Heidi will always be Molly, and young Molly will always be Heidi!

Heidi and her mother both are workaholics. However, where Molly is focused on a greater cause- that of the wellbeing of Sylvanian children- Heidi doesn't believe in tending kids like her mother. Instead, she chose her own 'tunnel vision' so to speak, and helped develop infrastructure and aquaducts wherever she happened to roam as a freelancer for her literal dirty-work. It worked very well for her, too!


The underwood badgers

The Underwood Badgers

Acquired by: A yard sale, for $2.50 (father), mother & baby as a birthday gift bought off of eBay. Father came with a small brown rabbit baby given to the Windwards

FATHER BENJAMIN UNDERWOOD and his family are the 'wandering nomads' of Sylvania and never like to plan anything in life. They are always turning up unexpectedly in their caravan to see whether their friends are at home and are never in the same place all the time. However, Benjamin is always welcome because he is an expert at mending broken furniture and putting up shelves. To improve his woodwork skills, Benjamin has attended night school classes, run by Wade Waters, and after many months he perfected the art of furniture restoration, and is now known throughout Sylvania as an expert with a hammer and chisel. He is also famous for his knowledge on antique furniture and is often called upon to verify the authenticity of newly acquired Sylvanian antique furniture. Benjamin is currently writing a book called, 'Antiques, the Underwood Way', but never seems to get around to finishing it! As you can imagine, after all of his hard work he has very little time for relaxation, but when he does find time his greatest joy is to be with his wife and children.

MOTHER BEATRIX UNDERWOOD is a very capable badger indeed, and can often be seen on a clear day driving her caravan around Sylvania. Her father had always inspired her with his motoring stories and so from a very young age, Beatrix became interested in the mechanics of any vehicle with wheels. In fact only last week she enrolled herself for advance car mechanic evening classes, to keep her busy while Benjamin is writing his book. Beatrix knows how to look after animals and is very aware that it is most important to look after her faithful Bramble, who pulls the caravan and without hesitation, she keeps him in the best condition at all times. With such a busy life Beatrix makes a special effort to make time with her children and insists that at least once a week they all have supper together so they can discuss their problems and exchange stories.

Baby April Underwood loves to clean and tidy, unlike all other members of her untypical family. Not that April's efforts make much difference to the untidy Underwood household. After all, she is only small and can't reach to clean and tidy much above chair level. Her favourite "toy" is a big feather duster!

Knight Underwood is named so for his protective nature and aggressive streak when enemies show up to threaten the Sylvanians. Because of this he became lost one day from his wife and daughter. As such, he and Molly are becoming fast friends, and he is learning from Wade how to refine his skills! In fact, it was his herbal advice he knew from his youth which helped the Windwards have Peanut! He isn't the most social of Sylvanians, but is a great listener with a good heart who will reunite with his family. I named him Knight after a friend very dear to me who adores badgers.





The first family I ever received, at four years old in 1988. I still have my old ones, though the son/daughter are retired.

The Babblebrook Rabbits

Acquired by: an eBay listing all by his lonesome! Others later on via CL listing (forgot which offhand)

FATHER ROCKY BABBLEBROOK is the proud owner of the Babblebrook General Store. It is often the busiest shop on the High Street, selling the freshest vegetables, the crispiest fruits and the lightest cakes in all of Sylvania. But Rocky is even more popular than his chocolate eclairs! He tells his customers the tallest of tales with the straightest of faces and no one can wait to hear what he is going to come out with next. Once he asked Cassandra Macavity if she had any vases at home that were big enough for one of his cauliflowers! Another time he told Delia Doughty not to embarrass his blueberries or they would turn bright red! Everyone agrees that Rocky should have been a stand-up comedian rather than a store keeper!

MOTHER CRYSTAL BABBLEBROOK is Rocky's wife and thankfully she loves her husband's tall stories just as much as everyone else in the village. Not that she has very much time to listen to them, of course. Crystal is the best and busiest cook in Sylvania, which is all the more surprising when you learn that her mother-in-law Pearl, who struggles to boil an egg, likes to give Crystal cooking tips! But Crystal doesn't only make scrummy meals for her family back at home, nor does she just make delicious tarts, pies and cakes for her husband to sell in the Grocery Store. This year saw Crystal become a writer too. Her first cookery book 'Crystal's 20 favourite Cupcakes' was a bestseller and now 'Crystal's 30-Minute Carrot Recipes' is flying off the shelves too!

SISTER BREEZY BABBLEBROOK has a special gift too. There is no one in Sylvania better at getting their own way than Rocky and Crystal's middle daughter! Breezy just has to look at her father with those huge brown eyes of hers and he gives her an extra slice of carrot cake or a big bag of her favourite lemon sherbets. “How can I possibly say no to Breezy when she gives me such a sweet smile?” says Rocky if Crystal ever complains that their daughter is getting rather spoilt. “And surely you noticed how hard she worked in the store today?” Even Crystal has to admit that no one sweeps the floor quite as vigorously as Breezy!

OLDER BROTHER RICHARD BABBLEBROOK works so hard in the family grocery store that Rocky and Crystal don't know what they would do without their eldest son. At the weekends he does everything from stacking the shelves with tins of soup to helping customers bag their groceries. But Richard is quite different from everyone else in the Babblebrook family. He is the strong and silent type, excelling at all sports and most academic subjects, but otherwise very, very shy. As soon as Richard finishes college he wants to be a tree surgeon. His mother thinks that this is because he loves nature so much. But his father suspects that his son's desire to work alone deep in the Sylvanian forest is because it means he won't have to talk to anyone!

YOUNGER BROTHER BUBBA BABBLEBROOK is Rocky and Crystal's middle son. When he is not at school he loves to help his father out by riding around the village delivering all his farm-fresh produce. Bubba has an incredible sense of hearing too. No sooner has Theodora Dappledawn stepped onto the High Street, Bubba will warn his father that their best customer is on her way. Of course, this special gift often comes in very useful in the school playground too. His best friend Lucky Snow-Warren only has to open a sweet wrapper and a grinning Bubba will be standing next to him with his hand out “I think my son can hear the grass grow!” Crystal often chuckles to herself!

CORAL BABBLEBROOK play happily in her playpen whenever it is her father's turn to look after them in the shop. Coral is noisy, especially when she is hungry – and it doesn't matter whether that's for food or attention! Her mother thinks her smallest daughter is going to be quite a handful when she grows up. Her father thinks she could represent Sylvania in the 'Noise Olympics'. Her baby brother Sandy simply wants to know what all the fuss is about!

Rocky showed up in a literal rocky place- worn out, starving, and from somewhere further north; as he called it, "the middle of nowhere"- to the Sylvanians. It was Knight Underwood who took him in, and gave the grey rabbit his spare work uniform. Rocky proudly wears it now for the time being, but his biggest challenge was that the villagers had almost no food between them all! He spent a lot of time with Knight seeking out food. With their combined knowledge of herbs, roots, and culinary know-how, Rocky found his way into the villagers' way of life- through their stomachs and his wits! He and Knight helped relieve their phase of starvation by traveling farther than others. It is Rocky's hope to be reunited with his family soon, as he had traveled to the point of exhaustion to bring resources back to them. Finding the Sylvanians- or rather, Knight finding him- was a lifesaver. The Corntops are looking into any possible shared ancestry with his family line.

They are featured in the story, A Happy Reunion


Didn't like this koala as a male so she's a girl. Yep. Super cute this way.

Bernise Outback Koala

Acquired by: a gift from Epoch for inquiring about how to restore my 29-year-old figures! They're incredible! :D

FATHER BRUCE is the leader of the Cloverleaf Corners Environmental Awareness Society.

When the koala arrived in the woods to see a wedding vow renewal procession being formed, naturally the koala was curious- and others in turn were curious about the koala! Molly McBurrows caught the koala's attention and she crept aside from the crowd to go see the newcomer in the woods. The koala introduced herself as Bernise, and Molly retrieved a colorful blue dress and apron from her knapsack. It once belonged to an old otter woman who didn't need it anymore and who had passed by the village a long while ago, she'd said, and she'd never much liked the idea of wearing it down and had stuck to her pink rags. In turn, Bernise gave her old male clothing to Molly (as pictured above). It worked out just fine and the two became friends! Bernise is very proud of her work for the Environmental Awareness Society, but felt it was time for a change and decided she wants to become a teacher for the villagers, who readily accepted her after the wedding vow renewal ceremony the Windwards held.


This photo came out gorgeous. :D

The Redwood Red Pandas

Acquired by: My beloved giving me this set for my birthday!

FATHER RUSSELL is always very cheerful and happy. He loves going on picnics with his family in the park. He makes the best sandwiches!

MOTHER RUFINA is an amazing baker and makes the most delicious desserts! Her specialties include strawberry shortcake and chocolate mousse pies.

SISTER ROWENA is very active and loves playing sports. She especially likes playing soccer and is on her school’s team.

The Redwood family is from the Calico Critters brand. I adopted the UK name Redwood since it fits better. The Redwoods initially met the Tuxedo cats and after the expectable curious response felines tend to give newcomers, Mason offered to teach tennis and Rowena is very excited to start learning!



The black cat was what suckered me in. They're all so adorable!

The Tuxedo/Marlowe Cats

Acquired by: My beloved giving me this set for my birthday! Second set was free at Sears.
Not pictured: Liliana, Rosa (twins to above two, Lily & Rose), and three kittens (unnamed at present)
Note: picture is outdated; showing Kime Eclipse; Natalie's first husband. Mason has been replaced as a duplicate of Natalie so Natalie's whole family is white/black-spotted.

FATHER MASON MARLOWE is the tennis coach in Sylvania and teaches tennis to Sylvanians of all ages. He is quiet and reliable, and is very close to his family. On days off, he likes to spend time going out shopping with his daughters or teaching tennis to his wife Natalie. Mason is a white cat with black spots, just like Natalie. He is her second husband, but takes care of Liliana and Rosa as well.

MOTHER NATALIE MARLOWE used to be a ballroom dancer in her youth and now loves teaching ballroom dancing to other Sylvanians. She is very cheerful and active. Her other love is fashion. She follows the latest trends and loves new and pretty things. She visits new shops right away, as soon as they open. She always keeps ahead of the latest fashions by reading fashion magazines. 

SISTER LILY MARLOWE is reliable, just like her father, and is also good at sports. Her favourite sport is tennis – in fact, Lily is her father Mason's star pupil and always has been! Although her personality is different from her twin sister Rose, they are very close sisters and love going shopping together.

Apparently Lily is camera-shy; she was hard to photograph and after I had set her down it looked like she was clinging to her mother for consolation!

SISTER ROSE MARLOWE is cheerful and pretty, just like her mother. And, just like her mother, she loves shopping for pretty dresses. She loves to dress up and always looks beautiful at the school dance. Rose dreams of being a famous dancer when she is older. Her personality is different from her twin sister Lily, but their taste in fashion is similar and they often swap outfits.

So far, the Marlowes have spent ample time playing with the Redwoods, who fascinate them. Natalie developed a brief fascination with Mr. Russell, but quickly got over herself as she was very devoted to her tall, dark and handsome Kime! However, it wasn't meant to be, as a feline much like herself- white with black spots- came into her life at the same time as Kime found himself falling for another dark feline, Enai. Mason and Kime found themselves friends despite their relation to Natalie, and Mason bore Liliana and Rosa shortly after wedding Natalie, while Lily and Rose were still young kittens. Kime and Enai are friends with the Marlowes to this day, and Natalie is happy that her first husband found true love again.


Looots of cows. Holy cow!

The Buttercup Cows

Acquired by: An eBay listing. Mother has a pen mark on side of her head, but it's a semi-colon; love that they're pre-loved. They are absurdly cute! I love 'em.

FATHER HORNBULL BUTTERCUP loves walking through the fields and woods around Sylvania all alone. He enjoys the peace and quiet, and gets all huffy and bad tempered if he is disturbed during one of his thoughtful strolls. Some children do tend to find him frightening, but what they don't realise is that Hornbull is simply preoccupied with other, more important things. So inspired is he by all the lovely trees and flowers around him that he likes to compose poetry in his head. Once it took him the whole afternoon to think of something that rhymed with 'willow' and he is still trying to come up with something that goes with 'daffodil'!

MOTHER DAISY BUTTERCUP is very nosey and likes to know everything that is going on in Sylvania. If she sees anyone off shopping or out for a walk, she will wander over to see what is in their basket or to simply have a chat. Nobody ever seems to mind talking to Daisy as she is always very cheerful and is known for her charitable nature and kind heart. “A problem shared is a problem halved”, is her motto and folks of all ages have benefited from her wise words and common sense. In fact, the only people in Sylvania who don't always take her good advice is her own family!

BROTHER PADDOCK BUTTERCUP is very frisky. He just can't seem to stand still for long and runs, skips and jumps everywhere. All this pent up energy makes Paddock very good at the playground game of 'catch' as he rarely misses a ball. But he is always at a disadvantage when the children play a game of 'hide and seek' as he simply can't stand still. No sooner does he tuck himself behind a large tree than he gets bored and fidgets. First he swishes his tail, next he wiggles his ears, and then it's not very long before he breaks cover and the game is over!

SISTER ANNABELL BUTTERCUP does not like to rush anything. She is the total opposite of her brother and always walks slowly and gracefully around the village, never running or jogging anywhere. In fact, Annabell likes to take her time over everything and getting ready for school in the morning often takes her hours. She is never happy unless her white petticoat is clean and her favourite yellow dress is free from creases. Of course, all that care goes to waste the moment she meets up with Paddock – her brother is so boisterous that it's not long before she is covered in mud and grass stains!

GRANDFATHER ANGUS BUTTERCUP formed the Sylvanian Rambler's Club to encourage everyone to take up walking as a healthy and relaxing pursuit. Along with his wife, Bessie, he also ensures that all the local footpaths are kept in good repair and clear for everyone to use and enjoy. “Footpaths are part of our great Sylvanian heritage,” he is often heard to proclaim, marching along muddy paths and clambering over rickety stiles.

BABY BROTHER CHEDDAR BUTTERCUP is a great talker! The problem is he just talks all the time, day and night. He enjoys telling anyone who will listen about what he did, what he's going to do, what he is thinking about, what he saw and what he wants to see. He just never stops! At first everyone thought he was cute, then Daisy came up with ideas to distract him from talking too much. Buying him some nursery books to read did not work, he only read them out aloud. The construction set was no better as he just talked through each action: “You then carefully add this piece to the first piece!”

The Buttercup family lived west of the woods, on the plains, several days away from the Corntops and the villagers. Because the villagers hadn't gone all the way through the westerly woods- already a few-day-long endeavor and at best, a one-day to-and-from affair- they had never met them. The Honey Foxes had met them, however- and learned how to craft tipis from them. Grateful, the two families began a careful acquaintanceship; the elderly Angus was distrustful of them and stayed in his tent. Understandably, after their photoshoot someone stomped on Mrs. Honey's tail and she nearly decked him!* However, it turns out that it was Cheddar!

*=Seriously: I was doing the photoshoot and her figure fell on Angus, and with her arm up it looked like she was about to deck someone. XD


You otter fall in love with aww-tters; they're otterly adorable.

The Van Dyke Otters

Acquired by: An eBay listing.

FATHER EBB VANDYKE lives with the rest of his family on the 'Rose Of Sylvania'. They slowly travel up and down the river, having lots of adventures, and meeting lots of interesting people. Ebb is very keen on keeping the river environment clean and tidy. He gets very cross when he sees rubbish on the river bank or even worse floating on the water. He is always putting up notices 'Keep Sylvania Clean' and 'Use the bin provided'.

MOTHER FLO VANDYKE runs the Sylvanian swimming classes as well as navigating the canal boat and looking after her busy family. All her family swim very well, but Flo wants everyone in Sylvania to be able to swim, because as she says “water is dangerous but supervised swimming is lots of fun so come and join us”.

BROTHER BROOK VANDYKE is always getting in trouble! Not because he's bad or naughty, it's just that he is so terribly inquisitive. Once he got his head stuck in a large storage jar because he wanted to see what was inside. His sister insists he is just nosy, which upsets Brook.

SISTER SPRING VANDYKE is the artist of the family! She is responsible for all the lovely decorations on the Rose of Sylvania. Spring spends hours on deck in the sunshine drawing new designs for everything from the buckets to the cabin doors. Her mother says she gets her artistic bent from her great, great grandfather who has some of his paintings hanging in the Sylvanian museum. After leaving school she wants to be just like him, the great Michael Angelo Vandyke.

The Van Dyke otters were immediately met with a warm welcome as the Sylvanian villagers trekked through the woods and wound their way along its western border northward to a great lake and river. The otters in turn were all too excited to see new visitors, and decided they just couldn't leave their friends behind. Wanting to see even bigger and better, they decided to "go with the Flo" and Flo chose for her family to trek wherever the villagers did- broadening new horizons and all that!



Slydales v2. Honey works for me!The Slydales, version 2, aka Honey Foxes depending on region. Honey works for me.

The Honey Foxes AKA The Slydale Family (v. 2)

Acquired by: An eBay listing.

FATHER SLICK SLYDALE is a mine of information and very clever. He'll know the answer to any question you ask him.

MOTHER VELVETTE SLYDALE is always on the lookout for a bargain. She has been known to travel for miles and miles and queue for hours and hours just for the spring sales.

BROTHER BUSTER SLYDALE is a real handful. Everyone says his middle name is trouble. He's not a bad boy, he's just a bit wayward and naughty. 

SISTER SCARLET SLYDALE has the fuzziest, reddest foxy tail of all. She spends hours brushing her tail and is very proud of its glossy, healthy condition.

BABY BROTHER SKITTER SLYDALE is always on the go, but like his older brother, he is a bit naughty. His favourite trick is to run off with his baby sister's toys.

BABY SISTER LINDY SLYDALE is a lively little thing who just loves to laugh and giggle.

Out on the plains west of the Buttercup family dwelled the Honey fox family; Slick, Velvette, Buster, Scarlet, Skitter and Lindy. They encountered the bovines when they were going through hard times, and it was then that they learned how to leave behind the tedium of scraping out a den underground in favor of living under sticks and fabric made from rushes and plants. The two families formed a hesitant acquaintanceship, and overall they seem to be a very kind family despite their cunning. They recently met up with the other Sylvanians when they were migrating from the east and decided to ally themselves to their cause. So did the Buttercups. Velvette wears the pants in the family, as her husband is usually scheming- she's great at finding his loopholes and together the two are great at whatever they put their minds to! Their children are proving to be brilliant and resourceful.


Renard foxes.

The Renard Foxes

Acquired by: An eBay listing.

FATHER ERIC RENARD is a 'Do It Yourself' expert. He mends broken windows, repairs roofs, re-hangs gates that don't close properly, you name it, he does it! In his spare time he makes wonderful toys and playthings for his lucky children. 

MOTHER ROXY RENARD is Sylvania's top home interior decorator, with great taste and fantastic colour sense. If anyone wants their house to look really stylish they call Roxy, who will rush around to see them, loaded up with wallpaper, paint and material swatch books and a head full of great ideas. 

BROTHER BADEN RENARD is a very energetic lad who is a fervent boy scout. When he and his sister are on one of their camping adventures, he is the one who does most of the work, collecting firewood, cooking and putting up the tent, while she plans and organises. 

SISTER MIKAELA RENARD is the real outdoor type who just loves camping and rambling. She joined the brownies when she was very young and is now a keen girl guide who would love to live in a tent but her mother won't let her! 

INFANT DAUGHTER Dani is always getting into mischief- and it's a good thing, for what fox doesn't have that sense of adventure? It keeps her sister and brother on their paws looking after her.

These foxes have met the other villagers in their great migration, but I haven't written that story yet- very mysterious, eh?! I'm planning also on giving them kimonos. They look more mischievous than the Honey Foxes/Slydales v2 (above), so that's how I'll be working with these adorable foxes.



The Chocolate rabbits

The Chocolate Rabbits

Father Frasier Chocolate has been making sweets since he was a young boy and he’s now a confectioner of the highest calibre. It all started when his mother showed him how to make crystallised fruit, which is very easy, but his chocolate creations today are a work of art as well as tasting heavenly.

Mother Teri Chocolate makes all the fillings for Frasier’s chocolate creations; the strawberry surprise being the best. Her kitchen is always full of the rich smell of fruit mixed with the sweet smells of sugar and spices bubbling in pots. It makes your mouth water just thinking about it.

Brother Coco Chocolate is not permitted to help his father or mother in the preparation of their confections concoctions because he eats more than he makes! He’s put to useful employment being delivery boy for the family.

Sister Freya Chocolate, unlike her brother, doesn’t eat sweets or chocolate, so she helps her mother prepare the fillings. She does eat a lot of fruit thought!

Teri has been renamed Terry. It was Freya who accidentally discovered Mosswood Fells' balcony, and thanks to her, everyone was able to end their migration in time for winter!




Reindeer family

The Moss Reindeer

FATHER CAMERON MOSS writes for the Sylvanian Times, a weekly newspaper which lets everyone in Sylvania know exactly what is going on in the village. He takes his job very seriously and never leaves the house without his notebook - “just in case something interesting happens” he is fond of telling his wife! Cameron attends all the village fetes and sporting events, recording important matters like who came first in the 100m dash, who was the 'Bonniest Baby' and who won the 'Best Fruit Cake' competition. And he was also first on the scene the day that George Mulberry rode his motorcycle into the flower stall and broke all the heads off the spring tulips! Yet what Cameron likes best of all is 'getting a scoop'. When Catherine and William Balmoral finally announced their wedding last spring he put it right on the front page!

MOTHER ROWENA MOSS helps Cameron at the newspaper. As well as choosing the best pictures, she edits the stories when they get too long and, most important of all, she corrects all her husband's 'appalling' spelling mistakes – Rowena always used to come top of the class in English, unlike Cameron! She is not a very speedy typist though, mainly because she refuses to use anything but the rickety old typewriter that Cameron gave her when they first got married. She says it has lots of sentimental value! But sometimes it takes her so long to complete a story that they have to 'hold' the front page. Cameron has now decided to buy his wife a brand new typewriter for their next anniversary in the hope that this will have “lots of sentimental value” too!

BROTHER BUCK MOSS is Rowena and Cameron's oldest child. His nickname is 'Scoop' as when he grows up he wants to work for the Sylvanian Times just like his parents. He is so keen that he has even started a school magazine called The Berry Grovers. It is full of handy tips like when to do your homework and where to buy the best gym shoes. It also features lots of intersting articles, and all the children know that if they want to find out who won the school sports day or even what's new in the school tuck shop, they just have to read The Berry Grovers!

SISTER JUNIPER MOSS helps her older brother with the school magazine. She is a very artistic lady and draws all the pictures that go with the articles. When she grows up she wants to go to the Sylvanian Art College so that she can learn all about illustrating children's books. She already has lots of ideas and spends most weekends all alone in her bedroom adding to her collection of drawings. She is only hoping that her brother Buck will find time in his busy schedule to write all the stories that she needs!


Only Dalmatian I have, from an app lot purchase.

Nara, the Wandering Water Dalmatian Dog Monk

Acquired by: a lot from NJ on Craigslist given by a friend

Mother Dorothy Kennelworth is a workaholic and loves to help Mongomery, if she’s not doing this she’s doing that. In fact she seems to be doing 101 things all at the same time.

An amiable friend of the Zan pandas and also an acquaintance to Molly McBurrows, the dalmatian woman known simply by Nara when asked describes herself as a "water monk", wearing a dyed batik robe but speaking little of the matter with her strange accent. In such a way, she seems mysterious by others but is more than happy to help Molly with Sylvanian youth when she happens to be nearby. Nara is known for her endless font of energy- she's easily able to keep up with kids no matter what, it seems- and also for the grace and poise with which she carries herself. The residents of Mosswood Fells speculate that perhaps she's someone special and other than a simple traveler who favors the ocean shore. If it's true, Nara is keeping her muzzle shut. Grover Chestnut is intimidated by her friendliness, but Myrtle really likes her. Nara herself is a quiet individual when not around other Sylvanians, and often spends quiet time with the Zan pandas in reflection when they get together.

*Featuring custom-made robe that I made out of blue batik and slim matching ribbon. (First robe ever.)


Sorry for poor pic quality. His robe is actually pale grey with white designs on it. Very airy. Second monk robe ever made.

Cromwell Kaze, the former Wandering Wind Rabbit Monk

Acquired by: A yard sale app-purchased lot had this single Cromwell Cottontail bunny in it

A relentless vagabond even moreso than his best friend Nara, Cromwell- who simply goes by the name of Kaze to those who don't know him from before his monk days, young Cromwell left behind a life of fortune and riches in favor of exploring the world around him. In his travels he revealed his story to Nara and the Zan pandas, but couldn't help but travel around Sylvania looking for more knowledge and wisdom. Lo and behold, he found that both are gained when in the company of others as much as it is in nature, and so as Kaze grows, he learns to settle down and hone his mind as much as keep his body in good shape. Good thing, too- because he has a ton of energy! Maybe someday he will return home and claim his proper heritage, but he has no plans to for now...

->Story pending


Slydales v2. Honey works for me!

The Sibilant Solitaire Siblings (Siamese Cat Family)

Acquired by: a whole lot of eBay hunting and a whole lot of good fortune- the stars were aligned! They are super adorable.

Tellulah Solitaire says she can tell the future by reading tea leaves. But in fact she's only pretending really! Whenever anyone finishes their tea, she'll stare at the cup and tell them what's going to happen to them - and sometimes she's right! She is excellent with herbalism and often gathers them under proper astrological and astronomical timing for her siblings. She is also great with clear communication, cementing her role as one of the best Solitaire Siblings in matters of advising the Zan panda family and overseeing daily tasks.

Celestine Solitaire is Tellulah's sister. Where Tellulah reads the tea leaves, Celestine reads the position of the stars and other astronomical objects. Because she is constantly busy, she modified her dress to be a one-sleeve off-the-shoulder type deal. This enables her to carry vast quantities of books and scrolls at a time without being hung up by sleeves! She is quieter than her sister.

Altair Solitaire is Tellulah and Celestine's brother. He is a martial artist under the firm eye of Zheng, and practices spirituality daily. Part of his work involves administration along with his siblings, and he does so with great enthusiasm and zeal, often embellishing his stories with his noble airs. He is often gently reminded by Zheng to tame his ego so he will be a better Sylvanian!

The Solitaire Siblings were rescued as kittens by Zan Guang, who lovingly raised them as his own. However, perhaps due to their astrological alignments or some magic arcane and not talked of, they do not age! This is a secret well-kept.


Bouquet Skunks

The Bouquet Skunks

Acquired by: An eBay listing.

Father Stilton Bouquet and his wife Rosemary run a pampering business. It does very well because all the Sylvanian ladies adore Stilton, he’s so charming, so debonair. What’s more, he has a wonderful, soft French accent that the ladies think is ‘ever so romantic’.

Mother Rosemary Bouquet is the business brains behind the pampering service, making sure all the clientele are being looked after.

Brother Sage Bouquet also works in the family business cleaning and tidying, but only on weekends and after he has finished all his homework.

Sister Jasmin Bouquet loves perfume and is always trying out all the different brands at the shops. Her dream is to create one of her own perfumes.

The Bouquet skunks were discovered at the base of the Mosswood Fells' wet woodland area. Protective and shy yet curious, the other Sylvanians caught their attention while asking for directions to travel up the mountainside safely. Stilton helps his wife Rosemary in herb gathering and also keeping the area safe. Rosemary is an accomplished herbalist for her family's business, and young Sage is learning the basics of crafting incense and wild-harvesting while identifying what grows around them.


Zan pandas. Darkened their faded grey ears and custom-made the robes. Hint: don't use brocade like I did- it frays constantly!


The Zan Pandas AKA The Bamboo/Wilder Family

Father Bertram Bamboo writes important books about the history and founders of Sylvania and locks himself away in his paper strewn study for hours on end. He is also famous for being very accident prone!

Mother Alexandra Bamboo
 likes helping everyone and does lots of charity work, raising money for good causes and important projects. School govenor, village councillor, chairperson of the Women’s Union, any job, Alexandra is always ready to take it on!

Brother Kane Bamboo plans to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a writer. Unfortunately he’s also accident prone, just like his father! If he’s not bumping into something, he is knocking it over or slipping on it!

Sister Clarice Bamboo absolutely adores horses and spends all her time at the stables, looking after them. One day she hopes to be a famous rider and showjumper.

The Zan pandas dwell at the very top of Mosswood Fells, where they have a temple of their own which they tend to. However, they insist on saying they have no true 'home' and that their home is where their heart is- with the land. Truly one with nature, the Zan pandas provided their support to the Sylvanian settlers- on the condition that while creating Mosswood Fells, they did as little harm to the environment as possible and would continue to do so. Of course, such a thing came naturally to be agreed upon and the Sylvanians became the first settlers of Mosswood Fells after the Mass Migration. They wear blue robes with a cloud pattern and belt with mountain motif to signify their peace in such a high elevation, and although they were given Sylvanian clothing, they choose to retain their more comfortable robes and view the Sylvanian clothes as a future gift for Sylvanians in need who may arrive to the land later. The mother's name is Feng, the father's name is Zheng, their son's name is Qiang, and their daughter's name is Jing. When not tending the temple atop Mosswood Fells, they are busy helping the new citizens, practicing calligraphy, martial arts, and philosophy.

Recently acquired via gift: Zan Guang, paternal grandfather to Qiang and Jing; father to Zheng. Provides counsel to the family and has often boasted that he could eat the whole mountainside when hungry. His Solitaire Siblings, who he's raised from kittens, believes him! Not pictured, but he's a bit shorter and rounder than his family due to his age.

*Featuring custom-made brocade clothing which I made. Thread is metallic silver; grosgrain ribbon used for accent belt.



Brightfield Goats

The Brightfields Goats

Acquired by: an OfferUp app purchase

FATHER BILLY BRIGHTFIELD has moved to Sylvania to take up the job of postman. As Sylvania has grown so much over the last few years with more families moving into the village, Pete and Sam, the existing postmen, just cannot keep up with all the mail! Billy is very conscientious and makes sure everyone’s mail is always delivered on time.

MOTHER NANCY BRIGHTFIELD loves to sew and makes tablecloths and curtains for her family home. She is currently making up a large order of gingham cushions for the reading corner at Forest Nursery for the pupils to sit on at story time. 

SISTER MANDY BRIGHTFIELD likes reading and writing letters to her friends. Seeing them at school every day just isn't enough for Mandy, and she is constantly jotting down her thoughts and sharing them with her friends. She keeps her father Billy very busy delivering all her letters, but she always makes sure she puts a stamp on!

BABY SISTER JENNY BRIGHTFIELD is never happier than when outdoors and loves to go to Primrose Park to play after nursery every day. 


Bouquet Skunks

The Spotter Meerkats

MOTHER BEATRIX SPOTTER is as calm and serene as her husband is jumpy and jittery. “Opposites always attract!” she is fond of saying, especially in the evenings when Harry's vigilant brown eyes are still firmly fixed upon the woods whilst hers are fixed upon her favourite television show. Acorn Antiques is on twice a week and she hates to miss it! But during the day Beatrix likes to keep herself as busy as her husband. Just like Rose Timbertop she loves looking after children and can often be found babysitting as many as twenty at a time. She bakes them fairy cakes and reads them fairy stories – and then she counts them every fifteen minutes to make sure they are all still there!

GRANDFATHER CLIFF SPOTTER is very proud of Harry – he knows thatspotting wildfires is one of the most important jobs in the forest. Cliff likes to make himself useful too and often helps his son out when he is extra busy during the hottest summer days. But Harry never puts his father on duty for too long as he realises he is not as young as he used to be. Cliff has a habit of falling asleep in the afternoon, especially if he has been very active earlier in the day. Cliff is the captain of the Sylvanian crown green bowling team and plays the game a couple of mornings a week on the village green, “At my age it's the best way I know of keeping fit!” he tells Harry proudly.

GRANDMOTHER CLARICE SPOTTER likes to keep active too. She regulary looks after her grandchildren when their parents are busy. At the beginning she couldn't tell Penelope, Prudence or Peregrine apart and often called them by the wrong names, much to the triplet's amusement. Her husband Cliff was always telling her to go and get tested for some new spectacles. But now Calrice just taps her nose knowingly and replies sweetly, “Don't you worry, my dear, I can see all I need to see!” And provided the triplets are dressed in the right colour (Penelope in red, Prudence in yellow and Peregrine in blue) she is absolutely right!

In Mosswood Fells region, Mrs. Spotter is a solitary meerkat who took like her father- she's a daddy's little girl. Constantly vigilant, she misses nothing when she's around. She knew what was going on with the Marlowes and Charcoal cats even before Mr. Charcoal was getting his paw read by Tellulah Solitaire upon request! Though Mrs. Spotter is politely called Mrs. Spotter by the Mosswood Fells residents, and though her parents dotingly call her Beatrix or "our little belle Bea", Mrs. Spotter chose the name of Gayle a long time ago when she separated from her husband, Harry. She's quite content being on her own and loves to help out with the babes when she's not on duty. She doesn't live in Mosswood Fells proper in the mountainside, and rather prefers to keep roaming around, occasionally running into her folks doing much the same thing!


The Charcoal Family

The Eclipse Cats

Kime Eclipse is a go-getter who was the first husband of Mrs. Marlowe. He loves loud and fast music, and such often can be heard while he's working on whatever technological invention strikes his fancy. He loves fancy food and being with his husband. Kime is very no-nonsense and direct, often inadvertently intimidating those who don't know him! However, he is golden-hearted and Sylvanians at the Fells love him.

Enai Eclipse is Eclipse's husband. Enai seems very multifaceted and a totally different cat to everyone who meets him! Quiet at first but friendly to those who give him the time of day, Enai enjoys making whatever he can think up and then putting it up for sale, making his way as an artist. One day he may be knitting, purring happily away, and the next he might be covered in clay or paints! He is extremely loyal to his husband and loves him with all he's got. When not creating, he can be found resting in the woods.




Mr. Shea Norrister, if you please!

Mr. Shea Norrister (a Snow Warren rabbit)

Acquired by: eBay 'rescue'

Mr. Shea Norrister is a dignified riot waiting for the right moment to spring into theatrical action! From the Snow Warren clan, Shea has traveled far and wide, staying cozy and handsome in his favorite woolen tailcoat, trousers, and tiny top hat! (He insists that the top of his head gets cold, but his ears do not.) He fell in love with the bustling new village at Mosswood Fells and after his keen ears caught wind that Sylvanians had recently migrated there, he thought perhaps he could do the same! After talking the Zan panda family's little round ears off faster than a beetle could run, he won their hearts and secured a position for himself as a teacher of Music and Theater. He certainly never bores his new students! Can he ever do something in a calm manner? Certainly not!


Alphonse Sandeia, a Sandy Cat

Alphonse Sandeia

Acquired by: eBay 'rescue'

Alphonse's exact origins are a mystery, even to himself. He knows for certain that he's never had kittens, and he is still a young cat himself, newly out of his adolescent years. He knows that Sylvania is his stage, and never intended on traveling further inland. All that changed one day when he was an adept hunter seeking more meat to resupply his stores as he traveled; a nomad. He preferred a solitary life- living simply off the land and loving nature- but one day he found someone he loved more: a young orphaned red squirrel boy, Nick. The two became fast and complementary friends. Initially Alphonse found Nick hard to get along with because the two were so different- Nick was up at the crack of dawn and Alphonse assuredly was not a morning cat- but they grew on each other. Now, Alphonse has brought them all over Sylvania, far away from his sandy shores of distant memory, and traveled northeast into the Zan Pandas' territory, Mosswood Fells. Now, he serves as the community's butcher, hunter supreme, and part time math tutor to the children. Shifting from being a solitary feline to a community mindset has been challenging, but Alphonse is sure he'll adapt! No one is a greater shot in numbers or marksmanship with his bow and arrows!

Also... Sabrina Sandeia, Lily & ___ Sandeia (younger sister & two infants)

Story pending

Nick Walnut

Nick Walnut

Acquired by: gift from a special vendor on eBay who fixed an order for me!

Brother Ralph Walnut is definitely the outdoor type. His trusty bicycle has carried him on some of his most exciting woodland expeditions and he is very rarely seen without it. 

A stray orphaned squirrel, Nick Walnut grew up in the great outdoors. He was found by Alphonse and the two are inseparable. To Nick- a happy-go-lucky optimist whose cheerful nature lightened up Alphonse's days- the feline friend is somewhere between the father he never had, an older brother, and a teacher all in one! Nick is discouraged that he's no mighty hunter like Alphonse, nor so suave or intelligent, he thinks- but Alphonse says he's the best gatherer and forager of plants! On top of that, Alphonse also says that Nick is quite intelligent and will be a fine young man someday! The two are deep friends and can't imagine life without one another, so of course they made their way to the Fells and applied to become villagers under the Zan Pandas' kindness! He's nervous about being a new student and meeting others.




Mr. Shea Norrister, if you please!

The Keats Family

Acquired by: eBay 'rescues'... Daughter Keats from HK, Mrs. Keats from Tacoma WA, other two Keats gifted)

Mother Bronte Keats runs the Patisserie like clockwork, hard graft she’s never known to shirk! Efficient she is in every way, she even has time to chat and play. To all her customers she is a friend, to all their whims she does attend.

Sister Shelley Keats, the apple of her father’s eye, works with him and makes him sigh. Her artistic flair with just plain dough, can turn a cake into a rich Gateau, and a plum- duffing into a princely plum pudding.

Groom Troy Dante is a master painter and decorator, who loves his job almost as much as he loves his cup of tea and a good gossip. He considers customers who give him biscuits with his tea, the salt of the earth. Give Troy custard cream biscuits and two teaspoons of sugar in his tea and he is in seventh heaven.

Bride Arabella Dante and Troy were childhood sweethearts who met in the after school drama class. Troy only joined because he wanted to paint the scenery, but instead was cast as the leading man. In their first high school musical they played star crossed lovers where Arabella was smitten during their first stage kiss. Sister to Mr. Rossetti Keats.

Pictured above: Mrs. Ellie Keats, Dante (changed his last name to Keats for his wife) & Arabella Keats, Isabella Keats, James Keats



Basil Hazelwood, an excellent chef!

Basil Hazelwood

Acquired by: eBay sale

From the Hazelwood family hails young Basil!

Basil moved in from elsewhere in Sylvania to the Redwood red pandas' gourd home further southeast on the outskirts of Mosswood Fells, near the Waypoint. After some simple construction work, the humble Thistlethorns' cousin moved in- with a simple reed mat instead of ornate carpet and his beloved canvas bed. He created a simple table and patched up the balcony, and he loves it there! In fact, he enjoyed Mosswood Fells' forested lands so much that he made himself known to the Zan pandas- and made pancakes for every Sylvanian on his very first evening in the region! He is a hard-working, optimistic, and happy mouse. Having his cousin Chester Thistlethorn in the area and his other relatives thereby only makes him even happier.


Shreve Fisher


Shreve Fisher

Acquired by: eBay listing lot gifted by a friend

FATHER SCHROEDER FISHER is the finest house builder in all of Sylvania. He is best known for his creative woodwork and ornate carvings. Schroeder is the quiet sort until asked for his building advice, then he is often late for dinner.

Shreve is an excellent fisher who loves to engage in friendly competition with whoever wants to spend the day fishing with him! The best friend of Oliver Flynn, Shreve decided to travel to Mosswood Fells region together when Flynn suggested a change of scenery. The rich fish in the streams and forest-studded ponds were perfect and now Shreve spends his days working with his friend and Ebb VanDyke at the Butcher Shoppe half a day's travel from the mountain where the settlers now call their home! Shreve is secretive and sometimes reluctant to be sociable. He writes about fish in his spare time, and has an impressive catalogue of preserved scales! He is a gentle, empathetic cat at heart. Hand-made fish painting on top of hand-made overalls. Thanks to Koh for the suggestion of overalls vs trousers!

->Pending story


Mr. Shea Norrister, if you please!

Yama, the Wandering Earth Monk

Acquired by: eBay listing lot gifted by a friend

Victor Tailbury loves to relax on his comfy sofa, looking for ideas in his magazines for his next big gardening project. He also loves sitting back to read or complete puzzle books. The trouble is, once Victor is settled on the sofa, he always drifts off to sleep. Once Purdy left him sleeping on the sofa and he didn't wake up until the following morning!

Yama is a quiet, nurturing young akita dog who believes practice makes perfect. "Even wind can erode the greatest mountains," he often reminds people who ask him for advice- meaning to keep working at an obstacle until one goes over, around, under, or through it. Easily said to be most firm in resolve, Yama is sometimes stodgy since he believes in results and evidence! He can also be stubborn- but so can the other monks! After all, working hard is what they do...



Alphonse Sandeia, a Sandy Cat

Haru, the Wandering Fire Monk

Acquired by: eBay listing gifted by a friend

Queenie DePembroke is very much the head of the family, and rules the roost. She is lovely and kind but don’t make her cross or you will be treated to the stare.

Abrasive, loud-mouthed, instigative- these are words one would think would describe a fire monk. Indeed, some fire monks in the past have been like this to the letter! Haru is somewhere in between- 'circumstantial', she calls it. Always an unflagging optimist, she loves rough-housing and honing her physical and personal limitations. Incredibly independent, Haru cares little for aesthetics unless she wants the limelight! Hence why this picture shows her in her rather plain robe- she says she'll embellish it soon, when the mood takes her. She's always got her nose in some manner of discovery or another, and hates the idea of settling down! She is also very cautious and empathetic- very passionate about her monkhood. When she decides to do something, she acts on it!


Nick Walnut


Kaze, the Wandering Wind Monk

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Father Cesar Lopez is a highly acclaimed wedding planner, known for his unprecedented style and innovation. No detail is too small when planning the most important day for both the bride and the mother of the bride. “It must be a dream come true!” claims Cesar, the flawless professional as he struts around nodding and flashing his charming mile in a greeting to each guest.

Kaze has accepted the role of the Wandering Wind Monk from Cromwell Cottontail. He is extremely extroverted and loves to interact with others in the quest for knowledge. Sometimes he thinks too much and grows restless.

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Oliver Flynn, owner of the butcher shoppe at Mosswood Fells.

Oliver Flynn

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FATHER LARRY BEAMAN is a chunky fellow who is a great asset to the Sylvanian Rugby Team and is also a little partial to the cakes served at the Blackcurrant Cafe! After a big rugby game, Larry always likes to go to the Blackcurrant Cafe to treat his family to a celebratory meal.

Oliver Flynn is the sunny-natured, active owner of the butcher shop half a day's travel from where the Mosswood Fells residents call home. He is usually up to his paws with either business paperwork or inventory work! Oliver is best friends with Shreve, and no one knows how the grey fishing cat puts up with Oliver's boisterous and talkative personality! (Some even say 'loudmouth' with a smile when out of earshot.) Oliver loves to hear about opportunities where his store's foodstuffs can be served. Overall, he is quite fun to talk to and many folks who stop in for a quick grocery run find themselves leaving an hour later or longer after chatting with him!



Alphonse Sandeia, a Sandy Cat

The Sage of Mosswood Fells: Sujala Shakti

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MOTHER SAVANNAH TRUNK prefers to use her brain rather than her brawn! She has a wonderful memory and, much to the annoyance of her family, never forgets a thing. Of course, this is very good news when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries and things like that. But it can be very bad news when someone has done anything wrong. If a cake has been burnt, a book has been lost or a favourite ornament has been broken, Savannah always remembers the why, the when and the where. But thankfully she is also a very forgiving mother. “Just as long as you learn from your mistakes,” she always tells her children. She just wishes poor Ivor was a little less accident-prone sometimes!

The oldest scrolls within Mosswood Fells make mention of a wise Sage by the name of Sujala Shakti. Said that the name translates to "Affectionate Power", the Sage bears great unwritten wisdom and is the oldest living being known to the great Zan panda family and the original inhabitants of the northernmost forest and mountains. What few Sylvanians have the honor of touching and reading such old scrolls don't realize is that the legendary Sujala Shakti is still alive!

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Nick Walnut


Emmie Aurysia

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Mother Emma Goldbacke works at Forest Nursery as the kindergarten teacher. Every day the young Sylvanian toddlers come to Forest Nursery to make friends, play, sing, dance and learn their ABCs and Emma is the perfect teacher for them.

Emmie Aurysia is a rather unique little latecomer to the Mosswood Fells region. No one really knows where the hamster came from, and it's all very mysterious since Emmie just laughs and shrugs off any questions! She is presently setting up the Mosswood Fells Bank 'n Barter with the blessings of the Zan Panda family and the Sibilant Solitaire Siblings. She has proven extremely adept with numbers- brilliantly so- and even though social situations aren't her thing, she is a sweetheart to everyone she meets and great with keeping on top of fair business.

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Plumparella Prettyfur


Mother Penny Pettyfur is a very caring person who sorts out everyone’s problems. She has time for all, but no time for silly ideas or arguments, so she agrees with her husband, Peter’s, latest wonder plan with a wink and a smile to her children!

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Plumparella Prettyfur- also known as Plumpa or even Plump by others, providing they're nice about it- is a newer resident to Mosswood Fells. Quite eccentric but a delight to everyone who meets her, she is a wonder with children, which is a huge relief to Molly McBurrows. Always with a twinkle in her eye, Plumparella is a talkative healer and astronomer both. It is said that she has been around for a while in the region, living in thickets. After hearing that buildings were being erected, she had to check out what was happening at the Fells! She loves finding the best bargains she can find when roaming in search of fabrics, and makes a padded living by selling them in the new Mosswood Fells' Imported Fabrics shop!

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Peach Beechwood, a squirrel from Beechwood Hall set.

Peach Beechwood

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