Notable Places of Mosswood Fells

Below are some of the places the Mosswood Fells residents inhabit and spend their lives in and around. :) Enjoy!




Mosswood Fells Waypoint

Significance: A waypoint quite literally on the way to the lands eventually settled and named Mosswood Fells, this abandoned tent was set up by who knows who. It rests upon five tall black wooden pillars and has grown moss and lichens over it over the years. The interior is a pentagonal wooden platform. It is very mysterious, and a table rests with a spot for a small flame inside so Sylvanians who chance across it can come and warm up. Those who visit it feel like there's something special about it, and indeed, there is... though no one knows what yet.

Details: First diorama ever made; inspiration to Ashmimi's tent tutorial. Had no idea what I was doing at the time, but it was fun just to build with destash materials! Table is a foam-covered tealight w/ gouges to resemble wood, as is floor. Bamboo skewers painted black. Foam painted black w/ velvet draped over it, moss glued on top and around base (which is wrapped w/ moss wire to conceal foam). Fake plastic blades of grass & styrofoam ball 'picks' covered in grasses help make the look.


The ____ Residence
Formerly: the Redwood Residence

Significance: A hollowed-out giant gourd made habitable, the Redwood red panda family lived happily in it. However, as young Rowena grew, they knew and planned on finding someplace else in the forest they called home to move to. Upon Rufina's husband coming home from his foraging with Rowena one day, the trio spontaneously decided to sell their woodland home to another forest-dweller who happened to need it. In the meantime, the Redwood family chose to travel with the other Sylvanians.

Details: Second diorama made. Gourd is screwed onto canvas, foam 'carpet' is origami paper, plastic bag and markers made to resemble a stained-glass window with an acorn inside and covered around edges on outside with mosses. Lit from the top with removable LED tealight candle, though it can get somewhat warm after a few minutes inside, and wooden pieces form the balcony.




The Mosswood Fells Outskirts

Significance: This forested area has some strangely-shapen trees and an archway, but perhaps the strangest still is its wonderful, herbaceous fragrance. Plenty of herbs can be found wild here along with lovely fruits and flowers. Once one passes the archway, they are at the base of the Fells.

Details: Third diorama made. It serves to be an area right near the entrance to the base of the great mountain in which Mosswood Fells proper resides. Honestly, it was a "what am I even doing" destash. It used up 3 bottles of glue, a giant ziplock bag and a half worth of previously brewed/re-dried tea (random inspiration to use it as craft material, so I saved it a while), preserved moss, clay, tinfoil, and foam, along with some rocks and fenugreek seeds. I don't recommend leaving figures on it, as the tannins might stain, but it's great to use short term. It was very exciting seeing this diorama come together!


Mosswood Fells Grand Balcony

Significance: Found by Freya Chocolate with her mother on her trail, it was this bunny's discovery of what would become their new home- and her idea to host their winter celebration safely out of their traveling tents and on the balcony! It all came together very well, and after falling asleep from the effort, their dreams came true. See the Stories pages for more!

Details: It's not impossible to get to, but the rocks are treacherously steep and only the most sure-footed can access the balcony. This diorama is about 18" tall by 9" deep and about a foot wide or so, and really came together via a carved and painted foam floor, fake snow, little itty-bitty packages, tinfoil and clay for the pillars, a fake small Christmas tree hand-decorated with tiny ornaments, paper-printout walls with threaded/glued ornaments, a tiny wreath, clay walls, and a painted/printed combination backdrop with an LED light punched in the back and along the ceiling of the diorama to provide lighting. Made and finished this one before the outdoors scene. So far I love this.


(Temple room not pictured! Still under construction.)
(External photos of the Fells not pictured- also still under construction!)

Mosswood Fells

Significance: The ancestral home of the Zan Pandas, though there are some who might argue otherwise to this day, and the place discovered by Freya Chocolate one winter night. It is now the home of the Sylvanians who underwent the Mass Migration! (Stories pending.) This is Mosswood Fells, and not pictured are the infirmary (I tried: it just doesn't go well), bedrooms, and other parts of Mosswood Fells' mountainous interior communal sprawl.

Details: I really bit off more than I can chew with this project, and it shows. For starters, I had an old Cuisinart stainless-steel pots and pans box. It was double-thickness, and quite sturdy. It took 12 hours just cutting spare cardboard, printing and glueing down texture panels- and the box was just wide enough I'd have to repeatedly cut a bunch and just deal with the fact they weren't tiling or anything. I took the box outside with the interior papered and ready, and covered it in five cans of expanding foam. This didn't go very well since the weather was cold, but it did cure. I then took an entire jug of pink drywall putty and sculpted rock formations, though due to its own weight, it sagged and lost texture, albeit it covered the expanding foam very well. I then de-stashed about 40 oz of black, white, and brown paints, and tediously hand-covered it all with a brush after trying to speed-dry the drywall putty (as the weather was going to snow quite soon and keep the putty from setting). It looked ridiculous at first, but now it looks like a cutaway section of a tall mountain, which is what I was going for. I still have to glue on foliage out of preserved mosses and such later on. I'd had plans on covering it with small trees as well, but the scale wasn't going to happen considering the Sylvanian figures' size. I strung and taped LED rice lights to the top (which I don't recommend kids play with, as there's a warning on the box to wash one's hands after touching them), and added small tealight candles as ceiling lamps (hence the orange light). Overall I learned a lot with this project, especially since it was done on next-to-nothing budget. I was also very fortunate to receive the bathroom and kitchen Sylvanian sets! The mezzanine, living room, and youth rooms' furniture were all old vintages I've held onto for an absurd amount of time. I'm blown away by the sheer level of teeny details in the Sylvanian sets, and I heartily recommend them for kids who know better than to put tiny props in their mouths/eat parts and for whomever likes to collect these things. Despite that this thing looks half-baked (in my opinion), I had way, wayyy too much fun building it and it serves its purpose- as a photography backdrop for the critters! Even though it won't fit all 25 families at once by a long shot, it's still worth it.



Mosswood Fells' Western Coastline

Coastline diorama

Significance: Summer seasonal fun! Off the western shore from Mosswood Fells.

Details: This project was very quick and simple: a diorama kit, some faux desert paper, with real sand whipped into glue. This mixture spread out and let stand, blue resin was added towards the back and painted over, the scenery was painted on in acrylics, and faux grass was sprayed on and soaked with glue, then left to dry.


FellSense Well Scents Boutique

Significance: Run by the Bouquet family, the Fell Sense Well Scents Boutique is their spa, massage parlor and also herbs/spice shoppe! It even doubles as an apothecary for custom herbal medicine when need be.

Details: The project was meant to be the first portable playbox. Every little bottle which is labeled contains the actual herb! It is not recommended that orris root, sandalwood powder, etc be ingested, though you will recognize many herbs as safe and culinary (good luck getting them out though!). Clay trim, hand-made shelving/fixtures/table, etc. Metallic gold clay is pressed against the walls in a rose motif, echoed throughout the room in the furniture's accent and the window mouldings. Old buildings used to have metal ornamentation; this is a nod to that. The tiny spoons and scale were super-fun to make. The top is a netted globe, into which rose buds, calendula and other herbs have been inserted. Colorful paper for walls, ceiling, and flooring.


The Waterlily Clothing Shoppe

Significance: Run by Roxy Renard in her spare time.

Details: Clothing shoppe & mini-runway made from a small wooden box. The idea was for it to be a portable playset. Features mini candy box covered in felt & lace as a small 'runway', printed felt, clay clothing rack & sales machine, and assembled changing room which mirrors the figures (made from a Vietnamese tea box & covered over with clear rose acetate, washi tape, & decorative paper). Walls covered in decorative paper w/ washi trim sparkle and clay "moulding" accents.

Roxy found herself wildly successful and became known as the Mosswood Tailor! Mrs. Marlowe became very curious and began to help out!

Fells' Way Farm & General Store

Significance: The only general store in Mosswood Fells, guaranteed to have fresh produce and assorted needs for everyone's daily living!

Details: Foam core construction covered in 3/16" balsa wood, which was then tea-stained to bring out its grain. Then, stained with acrylic paint since the tea stain wasn't dark enough. Faux mosses & foliage added to the top of the farmhouse; paper interior w/ felt flooring. The 'back yard' is a sheet of faux moss, cut to fit inside a fence tray which I'd fallen in love with on sight and painted white. The farmhouse is removable and the rest of the mossy sheet is insertable, so everyone can be 'working in another fenced in area' as need be. The idea was for all rabbits to fit this one farmhouse if need be- and they do! Added later: hand-made bed, plus storebought accessories. Sculpted gardening stuff for them as well as found miniature gardening tools. It was a lot of fun!

Mosswood Fells Imported Fabrics

Significance: Mosswood Fells doesn't have cotton or much other fiber good for clothing-making aside from wool, shed fur, and sometimes swamp-rushes, so they have to import their fabrics. The Water Lily is the Imported Fabric shop's best customer! This diorama was an impromptu challenge for "fabric", and fun to put together. Currently run by Plumparella Prettyfur.

Details: Cardboard box, cardboard, cardstock, glue, yogurt cup end, washi tape, fake plants courtesy of TeaKitty, and lots of tiny scrap fabrics, foam.