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What is Mosswood Fells?

The dreams of a really excited four year old that never let go of his beloved Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters/Maple Town figures and carried them in his belongings across 3 moves and 29 years! Except made more awesome because adulting still can add even more fun.

What are Sylvanian Friends/Calico Critters/Maple Town figures?

Japan produced beady-eyed, fuzzy/flocked animal figures in 1984 and onward. They were brought to the UK and called Sylvanian Friends. Germany made an offshoot called Forest Families, and in the USA, the Sylvanian Friends were given the name Calico Critters. Maple Town is another similar offshoot. It's a super-healthy way for kids to play and understand different ways to interact with the concept of families, growing up, and exploring. It's also super cute. Addictively, cavity-inducingly cute. Totally worth it. :)

Enjoy! I sure have.

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Regional crest.

The Mosswood Fells Regional Crest

The Mosswood Fells regional crest has multiple meanings. Firstly, it depicts three dots for the sunrise and three for moonrise, following one another in cyclical harmony. Secondly, these dots represent beads of water, indicating a cycle- just as water becomes moisture in the air and comes trickling down again. The Mosswood Fells regional crest is properly interpreted as "that which you do comes back to you, so be kind and fair". Thirdly, the crest depicts three hearts shaped like a waterfall. The three hearts are also shaped like three pairs of paws to lift one another up in fellowship and support as community. Fourthly, the crest's heart/waterfall motif is shaped like the mountain- tall and true, so on a practical level, visitors and those who see the crest will recognize the mountain shape by its height. Lastly, the crest's shape depicts reflection in its symmetry, which residents understand to be the quest to know one's self and to be the best critter they can be!

Visitors often perceive the three hearts first, but anyone who asks a Mosswood Fells resident will find out that it is so much more than that: the waterfall shape as well as the hearts, and the creatures who inhabit it.