~Handcrafted Adornment to Adore: Necklaces~

Kitsune Visions offers many kind of necklaces, including the new, hip, chic and beautiful kumihimo necklaces gaining in popularity both with seed bead and long magatama (comma-shaped) beads in varying hues and finishes.

We also offer single-strand seed bead necklaces (with and without gemstone beads and other findings) and more unusual pieces involving some degree of bead-weaving. Since there is so much variety, each piece is new, fun and some treasure will be found for everyone! Lengths will typically be stated with each item; 15" is usually a choker on most people, 18" is standard, and longer than that goes further down. Please keep in mind cost of materials and time involved when browsing these. It's much appreciated!

Click here if you were looking for single-strand necklace designs. Note that many of these are older pieces and while still structurally durable, are simpler in design. Please click a thumbnail below to see the full image.

Dragonfly Glade necklace.

Dragonfly Glade Necklace

A beautiful hand-woven Kumihimo braid of irregularly shaped heishi emerald and olive-hued pearls, this necklace from each clasp end is 23 inches long (20 inches of pearls). It is truly a summer beauty, with stunning silver endcaps in a feathery, floral design and accentuated with a simplistic yet ethereal toggle clasp featuring a flower on the clasp and a carved dragonfly filigree toggle. This clasp can be worn both behind your neck and on the front! The green pearls are meant to imitate the look of fresh garden foliage.

Note: Due to the irregularity of the beads, darker or black clothing will showcase this necklace best, as it will hide the black threads which are on occasion barely visible (and unavoidable due to the weave used to stitch the pearls together).


Obsidian Mountains

This beautiful snowflake obsidian donut is beaded into black matte glass seed beads and has a bouquet of fringe with accentuating snowflake obsidian chips coming from the center. A Chinese satin cord with fancy knotwork holds this collar-style necklace together and features a white jade ball tip and adjustible lobster clasp. This simple yet complex piece will look good no matter what you wear it with! The donut is 1.5 inches wide in diameter, so it is a perfect size as a pendant.


Peridot necklace.

Peridot Pleasure

This necklace is simplistic yet stunning in its sophistication- a hand-woven silver-plated glass seed bead stitch around an 11 carat cushion (square) peridot with excellent clarity! The peridot has been woven around with both bright and darker silver beads, forming an organic-shaped pendant which is .75" long and nearly an inch wide! The peridot was hand-cut by a friend before he retired. It comes on a warm French-grey satin cord which blends beautifully with the silvery beads. This necklace is sure to please! Comes with a little silver metallic gift box.

This is one of a kind and can never be reproduced.


Regal Light.

Regal Light

A warm burnished coppery red adjustible satin cord with lobster clasp accentuates this solar-themed necklace, holding an 8.5 carat citrine with incredible clarity. The citrine was hand-cut by a friend before he retired. The beads enclosing this gorgeous sunny citrine are 24k-gold plated glass beads into a teardrop shaped pendant. Give your love a little crystallized sunshine! Comes with a little golden metallic gift box.

This is one of a kind and can never be reproduced.


27.5 carat amethyst pendant. Stunning!

Apex Chaser

This beautiful amethyst necklace features a multi-faceted amethyst, a cool wine-colored satin cord on lobster clasp, and a teardrop encasement with shimmering lavender, gold-tinted glass beads and soothing lilac round beads to showcase it. The amethyst was hand-cut by a friend before he retired. It is extremely unlikely to find an amethyst of such clarity and unusual mauve/blush-lilac hue. It truly dazzles in the light!

This amethyst is a whopping, spectacular 27.5 carat gem. The price reflects not only the cost of the amethyst itself, but also the other materials and time invested into it. It is lovingly nicknamed after my fiance's fiction novel character as it represents a new peak of my skills and was the first gem to be encased in my beadwork.

This is one of a kind and can never be reproduced.


Ghost Necklace

Ghost Necklace

This necklace was actually conceived of and crafted by my fiance. The beads are extremely light- and unusual for us as we never craft with plastic beads- but these beads are so luminous that whenever daylight strikes them, they have an eerie glow, which we have striven to capture in the photograph. In fact, these beads are very unusual and hard to come by, as we've been told. The focal bead is black with gold enameling. A gold lobster clasp accentuates the piece.

This piece also comes with a FREE matching bracelet!


The Kraken

The Kraken | One of a Kind aka "OOAK"

A handpainted resin eye serves as a commanding focal point for an underwater beast. The back of the necklace displays beads arranged in a watery, lacelike pattern, hinting at underwater shipwrecked curtains with water currents drifting between them. Matte aqua beads and glossy aquamarine beads give the necklace a sensation of flowing water and youth, maturing into netting being overcome by time and seaweed fringe. Metallic teal beads, silver-lined blues, aquas and sky blues meet hues of chartreuse, lime and green to complement the eye, woven into a cabochon, around which the rest of the piece was built once the collarpiece was crafted. This is truly a favorite, but not something to hoard in the treasure chest- it's time for it to see daylight! A friend painted the eye and gave it to me. This is one of a kind and can never be reproduced.

Also view: Rear side of the Kraken necklace


Chrome, Silver & Gold Kumihimo Necklace 2

Kumihimo Necklace 2- Chrome, Silver & Gold

Available for custom colors! Use the request form to commission a custom-colored kumihimo necklace! This necklace is the second of three I have made (the first being all khaki-colored for my aunt, and the third being an aurora borealis version with dark matte beads). It features a silver toggle clasp, fancy end caps into which the two sides of the necklace- one being threaded four times and the other eight times with the remaining thread from the braid for durability- are knotted, superglued, and then sunk into jeweler's resin. The silver and gold play into a spiral pattern throughout the braid. It has a matching bracelet on the bracelets page! (A discount will be available if both are purchased simultaneously. Please get in contact before purchasing!) Chrome round beads complete the metallic look while providing a darker background for the silver and gold magatama to stand out upon.


White Lotus

White Lotus

This earlier piece was an experiment in netting. White, twisted aurora borealis bugle beads play at representing lotus petals; the aqua beads represent water. It features a lobster clasp and is the result of 30 hours of work. The necklace itself is 17" long, built to be simple in design, yet elegant and for slightly larger necklines.


Pearl Collar

Pearl Collar

This is a rare handmade vintage find from an antiques shop in Nottingham, New Hampshire. It has served as an inspiration to me while doing my beadwork, and now it's time to resell it at the buying price. Pearls and aurora borealis seed beads. Its clasp is a hand-embroidered fabric-and-bead button.


Kumihimo Necklace- Lemuria

Kumihimo Necklace 3- Lemuria

This kumihimo necklace is a custom-designed pattern and the first to go off of a 'theme' or a concept in my mind, which was that of rolling waves. It uses all matte beads- round aurora borealis size 8s, periwinkle magatamas, cerulean magatamas with an aurora borealis finish which exactly color-matches the size 8s, and light-purple glass pearls- a more eco-conscientious and durable decision. Woven on 28 feet of white thread, the entire necklace has a luminous glow to it- which the photos hopefully display for you! I consider this a masterpiece and a new height of my kumihimo-weaving skills, as a lot of forethought and planning went into its design. It is 15" long and makes a wonderful gift. Also view: the lead-free, sterling-silver-coated pewter mermaid clasp!

Available for custom colors! Use the request form to commission a custom-colored kumihimo necklace.


The Fox & the Tiger

The Fox & the Tiger Necklace | One of a Kind aka "OOAK"

This silver-barrel clasped, leather-corded necklace of 15" in length (featuring a sandstone fox and red tiger's eye bead with ceramic accent beads and reclaimed Indian beads) formed with a story as I crafted it, as follows.

Once upon a time, Fox traveled through the land and came upon a bunch of people in brightly colored tents. With the tents were many other animals inside grey, tall, hard-looking boxes made of bars. "Why," said Fox, "do they put my fellows in these things?" He went closer to investigate. Upon closer inspection, the people stopped what they were doing around a central fire where they were roasting lunch, and looked at Fox. Oh no! he thought, I'll be caught! With the swiftness and cunning only Fox had, he deftly outran the others as they followed, his bushy tail streaming behind him and covering his prints in the sand.

Time passed, and he caught his breath when a shadow loomed over him! "Why," said Tiger from behind the iron bars, "are you running so when you could simply become something for these people to look at and take care of?" Fox had never seen such a majestic beast before in his life and was awed at how Tiger was so large yet graceful. "Who are you?" he asked. "Tiger," Tiger replied. "Nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you too, Tiger. Oh how I would love to have your power, then I could see even farther and be stronger- and enchant the hearts of humans with your regal beauty!" Fox exclaimed. Tiger thought for a moment. "If you help me escape, I will give you a gift." Fox thought for a moment, readily agreed, and began to blend in with his surroundings. Soon only his eyes were to be seen. He rustled the grasses by the trees, which led some of the people to investigate, moving away from their animals' cages. Tiger used his precision and power to slam the cage against some nearby rocks and jarred the bars loose enough for him to slink out. He smashed the other cages as well, freeing all the animals. Soon, Tiger joined Fox up on the rocks. "As I have said," Tiger told Fox, "I will give you the ability to be like me. You will have more mental focus and know stillness when you must be, seizing the moment and opportunities which come your way, and inspire others." He rolled a small object towards Fox. Fox- having a penchant for shiny things- immediately swept it up in his paw. "This is a tiger's eye stone," Tiger informed him. Indeed, there was a close resemblance; it shone like his coppery eyes. The two thanked each other and parted ways, enjoying their lives, Tiger grateful for his freedom and Fox for his newfound wisdom and tiger's eye stone.

To this day, Fox always settles in at the end of the day with his tiger's eye stone by his side to admire it and recall his adventure...



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