~Reading & Writing~

My high school teacher, the esteemed Marie Raduazzo, was quoted in my English class as saying, "We are lifelong readers and lifelong writers." The quote has stayed with me for many years and it very well may for life. Reading and writing is an integral part to who we are as people. As such, it has been a creative aspect of life and enriched the lives of countless individuals.


~Eyeglass Holders~

Egyptian-Themed Glasses Holders

Eyeglass Holder | Egyptian Horizon

This fancy pair of eyeglass holders hearkens back to the days of ancient Egypt. Copper seed beads, real copper bicone beads, sturdy resin scarabs and real turquoise beads make for a midweight eyeglass holder which you can wear confidently, knowing it looks good, is built to last, and is weighted at the ends (due to the turquoise's weight) to help reassure you that you still have your glasses on you. Just be wary if you wear them to Egypt with you- the copper bicones might get hot!


~Pen/cil Rolls, Cases, & Wraps (Furoshiki)~

Crane Fields style pen roll. Can be folded and kept flat or rolled along sides and tied.

Crane Fields Pen Roll, Padded & Lined, 5-Slot

Available: 2

This beautiful pen roll can hold five to six fountain pens depending on size, or several pens and/or pencils. Metallic golden thread runs throughout the two fabrics depicting flower fields and elegant, peaceful cranes. Interior is beige satin.

Pen rolls provide security from getting nicks and dings while traveling, and are an excellent way to love and protect your collection. They can be rolled or kept folded flat. A black suede tie helps secure them. Take them anywhere in style and confidence!


Water Drops pen rolls.

Water Drops Roll,
Padded & Lined, 5-Slot
Available: 1
Comes with two blue ribbons (one light, one dark) for closure however you prefer!

Water Drops Roll,
Unpadded & Lined, 5-Slot
Available: 1

This soothing batik pen roll uses shimmering pewter satin and navy blue cotton with cerulean spotting for a wonderful watery look.

Available: 1




Journals are coptic-stitched for the binding method's ability to lay flat while writing. Cover material is bookboards from durable plastic binders from thrift stores to help reduce waste, pleather (although we can certainly do fabric or paper-covered/sealed if desired!), and Thai Momi paper for interior pages (in shades of greens/purple/gold, blues/purple/gold, orange/black/gold, and just about any color available or agreed upon if making a custom. Binding is waxed cord or embroidery floss of a complimentary color (and sometimes contrasting) for durability.

Paper is acid-free, 75g/m, 96-brightness, unless parchment is desired. If parchment interior is desired, please add $30 and specify: ivory, copper, blue, grey, cool light green, coral-pink, or gold colored paper (these colors unavailable for regular paper). Parchment is fountain-pen friendly with minimal bleed-through.

Custom journals available! Please inquire to determine all the variables involved.

coming soon! Check back often :)


~Custom Pen Cases~

Pen cases may be padded or unpadded, and if unpadded, lined or unlined per the client's choice. It is recommended that lined provides more protection.

coming soon!

"Crane Fields"

This pen case is