~Shop Policies~

All sales are final with the following exception/s.

Oil Perfume Return Policy

Typically, the only way you will know if an oil perfume will get along with you is to do a test-patch on the underside of your wrist for 24 hrs. I custom design blends of more than 1 essential oil and craft them carefully- as I have sensitive skin, this generally works very well. I also craft with careful attention to each oil's natural compounds/constituents so that they will be safe. However, considering the item must make skin contact with you, the item's purchase is final due to the biological nature involved. If the item isn't to your liking or you had an allergy, see if someone you know would like to have it. The perfume made here at Kitsune Visions is of top-notch quality and every precaution has been taken to ensure your safety and pleasure.

Faulty Item Craftsmanship for Jewelry Items Policy

If an item breaks through the fault of my craftsmanship, you're more than welcome to let me know! Send it back within the next 30 days from purchase date and I will repair it for an additional fee which will be discussed at time of contact. I will then reimburse you for the cost of S&H both ways.

If it breaks within 31 to 90 days, then I will repair it for an additional fee which will be discussed at time of contact, but shipping each way will be incurred by the customer.

Mixed Media/Sculptural Refund Policy
If it is permanently broken and cannot be fixed (ex: a dreamcatcher gets shredded and has to be remade, or a sculpture shatters, etc) and found to be due to faulty craftsmanship, store credit will be given to you once you ship it back to me to salvage materials to use for future projects.

If you accidentally have dropped an item and it breaks (beyond a simple DIY [do-it-yourself via glue fix), I apologize, but it cannot be returned, so please don't go through the hassle to return it. :)


Every candle cannot be tested before sale or it would be considered 'used', however every wax and combination is tested properly. You can rest assured that for every candle made, at least two or more smaller versions of it have been tested to ensure quality. If you're not happy with it, let us know so we can improve the quality next time.

Re-Lux Service

The Re-Lux service is explained on its own page- we take your old candle wax remnants, recycle them and put them into a new form. You pay shipping to send it to us, we generate an invoice to you for final payment (cost of new materials[ex: wick, any scent/color, etc]) and then ship back to you. We will not take a name-brand candle and remelt it, then sell it on our website- effectively selling someone else's candle wax/scent recipe. So if your candle wax arrives to us and we generate a pricing/quote for you and you change your mind- we'll turn that wax into a personal-use candle and won't sell it. This honors the integrity of the original company that spent time manufacturing that candle/scent and assures us that we won't have big companies angry at us for taking their products and reselling them. We pride ourselves on being able to recycle wax to enable you to enjoy the product you bought from them longer. We won't buy say, Yankee candles, scoop out their wax, melt them down and offer "Yankee Candle floater candles (Scent name here)" as that's ethically wrong to us. If you have any further questions in regards to the ethics of this decision, let us know.

One of a Kind Items
Note that some items may in fact be nigh-impossible/flat-out impossible to rebuild. One of a kind items are all-sales final. If you would like me to attempt recreating the item, then we will discuss it as a custom piece and I will give you a quote.

Custom Work
When you contact me and we agree that I am able to create what you're asking for, I will quote you for cost of materials. I will then accept those funds through an agreed-upon payment method and craft the item. I will then generate a second quote for time involved (typically half minimum wage or less per hour, or a percentage of total amount, or same price as a like item, whichever is cheapest per the circumstances), and once that amount is received and cleared, I will ship the item out to you. I will give you pictures of in-progress shots if need be no more than once per week, and reserve the right to retain cost of materials and close the commission for any reason and/or will resell a finished item with said materials if need be. This is not likely to occur but has been known to happen to others I've met, and this is simply artisan protection. If no cost of materials is necessary (ie: I already have the materials on hand, I will quote you for the final piece before work starts.

~Do you have gift certificates?~

Yes, we offer gift certificates! Simply send us a message followed by the payment amount you wish the certificate to be worth, and you will receive a gift certificate either to your address or it will be sent to the gift recipient's e-mail or physical address. We will retain note of this and it will be redeemable for the next 12 months following its date of purchase. We will hold sensitive information such as addresses in utmost confidentiality and will never share it with anyone. The gift certificate will be designed to the receiver's likes- so for example, if your little sister next state over likes unicorns or dragons, you can bet one will mystically appear on her gift certificate, drawn especially for her! :)

~Forms of Payment~

Hello! For payment, I accept the following methods:

*Money order- this method is at your own risk, if the money order gets lost, I am not responsible whatsoever and will not reimburse you for it.
*Paypal- I am a verified user.
*Etsy- Kitsune Visions is on Etsy as "kitsunevisions". Please note that the price may be adjusted to accomodate for Etsy's listing & commission fees which are part of every sale on the site.