~Handcrafted Adornment to Adore: Earrings~

Kitsune Visions offers two kinds of earrings: drop earrings (the hook-shaped style, in sterling silver and gold-plated), and clip-on earrings. The former require pierced ears; the latter does not. Occasionally you might find post-style earrings; these are uncommon and usually one-off inspirations.

Please click a thumbnail below to see the full image. If you see a style you like but would prefer one style over the other, say so during checkout to see if it can be converted!


Silver Wire-Wrapped Earrings 1

Silver Wire-Wrapped Earrings 1

These earrings are simple, fun and eye-pleasing. Hammered to a thin flat shape from wire, they are sure to look good regardless of what you wear! No two will be exactly identical due to the handcrafted nature of this item. Design also available in gold!


Journey Earrings

A step up from the simple hammered silver wire design, these earrings incorporate genuine Swarovski elements and sterling wire. The colors are lilacs, peacock-teals and elegant violet, and sparkle brightly in the light. Their path gently folds down from one's ears and we are reminded that life is a journey.