Light brings illumination, but warmth brings comfort and companionship. Candles have been with us since the Egyptians used candles with wicks in 3,000 BCE, but the ancient Romans were given the credit prior for dipping rolled papyrus in melted tallow or beeswax. Today, we have so many beautiful forms of waxes that we no longer need to rely on animal fats to make candles, and the art and science of chandlery has really taken off.

Kitsune Visions offers paraffin wax, palm wax, and beeswax candles. We are very conscientious and acknowledge that there is no true harmless way to cultivate wax - beeswax from bees, palm wax from plantations which have had an adverse effect on the local wildlife species, soy wax from the GM-dominated soybean market and which does not naturally burn well, and paraffin as a byproduct from fossil fuels.

We are all here in life together. As such, the sources for our candle waxes have renewability and sustainability in mind for the most ethical chandlery possible.

Candles are highly customizable! If you have something in mind, contact us! We can even hand-paint designs onto candles for you in acrylics if you like. We can generate a quote for your dream candle/s. Custom candles include colors not seen immediately listed as for purchase on this site (ex: if we have a purple ball candle and you wanted a purple & black-striped ball candle, for example).

~Custom Candle Information~

Our candles are beautiful gifts for a broad variety of purposes. To figure out what you'd like for a custom candle (or bunch- the higher quantity of candle you produce, the more affordable they become as working in bulk works to your advantage), take a look below at the waxes, colors, and shapes of candle currently offered here for your pleasure and usage. All custom candles are made to order.


Choose from all-natural golden, unbleached fragrant beeswax, palm wax, or (most economical choice) high-grade, clean paraffin.
Please note: We are very conscientious, acknowledging there is no true harmless way to cultivate wax. We source as ethically as possible, always, for a superior end product for you. We do not support soy wax at this time.



Pick your color/s!

Our candle dyes are xylene-free, rich, beautiful and vivid. Below is a sample swatch of the degrees of color we can craft into your candles. With palm wax candles, the color may appear less rich and more like watercolors (see the citrus candle at the bottom of the page as an example). The surface appears more of a matte than glossy, which is the hallmark of paraffin candles.

If you desire multiple colors, let us know which color you want on the top and bottom of the candle, and how far along the candle's length if you choose. Multiple colors take a little longer to produce.


Candles' Forms-

The following are candle forms which we currently offer here at Kitsune Visions.
This will be updated whenever we expand our candle forms.

You CAN have all of these if you want them! I love to do large orders!

Easy Quote Pricing: Unscented Candles

The following list displays unscented pricing for 1 quantity. To add scent or request custom candles, contact us! We love custom orders! Pricing on beeswax items is subject to change.

  Paraffin Wax Palm Wax Pure Beeswax
Ball Candle 2.5" wide $8 $10 $20
Ball Candle 3" wide $10 $15 $30
Pillar 2x9.5" $15 $20  
Pillar 2x6" $10 $15  
Pillar 3x6.5" $20 $30  
Pyramid 3x6x9"   -pending-  
Fuu Dog Q1: $19.99
Q2: $39.99
Taper- 12" Round Single: $4
Pair: $6
Scented: $10
Single: $5
Pair: $8
Scented: $15
Single: $15.00
Pair: $20.00
Taper- 12" Pentagonal Single: $6
Pair: $10
--pending-- --pending--
Votive- pack of 6 $8.00 $10.00
Votive- pack of 1 dozen (12) $20.00 $30.00 $30.00
Floaters (2d flower shape) Half-dozen:

Acrylic painting on candles will incur an extra $10.00 for detailing such as leaves, butterflies, dragonflies, wildlife, symbols, etc.
As the candles burn, the acrylic paints simply crinkle and shrink.

~Candles for Sale~

Sold! Thank you and enjoy! :)

Foo/Fuu Dog

Symbolizing Yin and Yang, the divine feminine and masculine found in Asian culture, fuu dogs are often sold in pairs, one the male with an orb and the female with a pup under one paw. They may or may not be in a crouching position. Textures in the wax will vary from smooth to bumpy and bubbly, adding to its unique appearance.

Single: Please choose male or female, color and/or scent at time of purchase. $20.

Male & Female Foo Dog Pair (one of each gender): $39.99.



New stock pending! Check back soon!  

Previously Created Candles

Unscented bright green taper. Sold for $6.Purple Lavender pentagonal taper, sold for $10. Lemongrass and citrus scented. Palm wax. $30.
Seven Sisters candle, $15. Beautiful mottling!Peppermint-scented ball palm wax. $10.Beeswax large ball candle; $30.Rainbow ball in palm wax 3in. wide, $20.