~Handcrafted Adornment to Adore: Egyptian-Style Broad Collars~

The ancient Egyptians were said to be among the originators of jewelry, and their style can still be felt today. Their jewelry was elaborate, elegant, and often used precious gemstones mined from the desert. Faience- ceramic beads- were also common. They invented one of the most popular stitches for bead weaving. I have hand-crafted a few Egyptian collars, on average spending at least a month to a few months' time on each one, bead by bead, and they are as authentic as you will get- they are not costume jewelry pieces but living, breathing, light and flexible pieces of art designed to last. Some threads may be visible; these are unavoidable in the stitching process with certain pieces and adds a nod to the original Egyptian beaders.

Original Egyptian Broad Collar Original Egyptian Broad Collar
~Not for sale, display only~ This is the piece that started it all in January 2012. I was browsing the local bead shop when I fell in love with the strands of real copper beads that were imported from Africa. I wanted to make an Egyptian broad collar which would shimmer like a sheet of hammered metal in the light. Ideas hatched, but how would I do it? I began to teach myself how to bead, not simply make single-strand necklaces. Far too many dollars and 3 months spent later, I had a new passion- and a beautiful, authentic* Egyptian broad-collar of my very own to wear for special occasions. It weighs almost 1 pound, but feels light and flexible once you get used to it! Handmade resin toggle clasp to accomodate the weight (not pictured).

*=Not authentic as in hand-made from Egypt itself, but the ancient Egyptians invented the stitch that this collar used, and copper, lapis lazuli, garnet, amethyst, and other gems featured here were said to be sacred- so it's about as "authentic" as it will get, considering I'm not of Egyptian heritage.

To recreate a piece like this (excluding the ankh, which was a one-of-a-kind piece made by a copper guildsmith), it would cost $175 alone in cost of materials, plus time put into it (each session on it was 8-13 hours nonstop- and I spent roughly 8 sessions on it).

Aurora Borealis Egyptian Broad Collar Aurora Borealis Broad Collar This piece was immense fun.A very light piece which uses a lobster or toggle clasp (be sure to specify your preferences at checkout) to accomodate the wearer. It is also quite flexible and you can safely drape it around your hands when handling it. It is 15" around at the neck.

First one sold! Next one in this style made at time ordered.
Geb and Nut Egyptian Broad Collar
Geb & Nut Egyptian Broad Collar It is said that the metal bronze reflected Geb, the Egyptian god of the earth and fertility, and that his lover Nut was the great sky goddess, as reflected by the lapis lazuli beads flecked with pyrite inclusions, resembling stars. Every evening Nut would lower herself down to her lover Geb in eternal embrace, and such was their unending love that in order for the earth to be made manifest, Geb and Nut had to be torn apart and kept apart daily by the deity Tefnut, or else there would be no difference between matter and the infinite sky above. This Egyptian broad collar is the very first to incorporate loomwork. As such, the first six rows of bronze beads actually stand up around your neck comfortably, and the rest of the piece hangs nicely about the collarbone. Due to the collar's being naturally straight and the curvature of the collarpiece, it was difficult to photograph and some beads appear to be at an angle.