~Handcrafted Adornment to Adore: Bracelets~

Bracelets have been a staple of the jewelry fashion since people were able to string shells and anything that had natural holes in it together. Kitsune Visions traditionally offers beaded bracelets in 6" diameter, though some are slightly longer so as to account for the clasp to properly attach. We make hand-woven bracelets, as well as the new, classy kumihimo bracelets. All our designs are original. To measure your wrist, take a flexible measuring tape (found in most craft stores) and hold one end against your wrist until you reach the beginning of the tape again. Keep this size in mind when browsing our bracelets! Our bracelets may or may not be slightly larger than the size specified, due to some clasps requiring a tiny bit of extra length- but they will not fall off your wrist when worn. If you see a piece you like but there is a clasp you would prefer (ex: don't like toggles? We can switch it out for a barrel clasp!), let us know!

Please click an image below for a larger, full image to be displayed for your viewing pleasure. Please note that we have a quantity of one of each of the following bacelets. If you purchase more than one, you can still pay ahead of time, but it will take time to produce the extra quantities- it's just one person making these. :)

NOTE: S/h is set to $6 for the US, if buying more than one item I will refund you the proper amount of S&H left over as the Paypal buttons automatically calculate it into the shopping cart. Thanks for your understanding!

Rainbow Serpent's Tail: Translucent Swirl

"Rainbow Serpent's Tail" Translucent

This feathered serpent's tail features metallic silvery-gold Tila beads, tiny hematite round gems, and multihued, smoky translucent 'feather' dagger beads. This particular piece, named "Isis", has aqua-colored Czech glass seed beads and aurora borealis dagger beads on a Tila-bead stitching. This piece flaps wonderfully with a lot of wrist action and looks very striking!

This lovely design is a Kitsune Visions original; design is available for custom orders!


Rainbow Serpent's Tail: Cobalt

"Rainbow Serpent's Tail" Cobalt aka Starry Firefly

This feathered serpent's tail features metallic silvery-gold Tila beads, cobalt blue Czech glass seed beads, and black dagger beads which have luminescent aurora borealis spots which glow in bright light, hence the bracelet's name.


Rainbow Serpent's Tail: Cobalt

"Decayed Relic's Tail" Bronzes

This feathered serpent's tail features bronzed/black-stained-reminiscent dagger beads, metallic silvery-gold Tila beads, and a mix of deep cobalt blue and black Czech glass seed beads. It is the darkest-looking of the Serpent's Tail pieces, and is also notably a little different from the others in that more than one color of seed bead was used. It is also different in that it has one extra Tila bead on the long side rather than on the short side.


Organic Alien Garden

"Organic Alien Garden" | One of a Kind aka "OOAK"

Built from the remnants of an Egyptian broadcollar which didn't work out, this bracelet is one of a kind, and a fluke. The scrap curled around and formed a C-shape, and I stitched it to stay that way. It features Toho beads, in chrome-colored rounds, twisted bugles, and accented with aqua round beads, initially woven together sturdily with ladder stitch and then several rows of netting.

Once this piece is sold, it's gone! I have no plans to reproduce this piece. It is simply far too time consuming (approx. 1 month of several hours each) and there is no guarantee that the design will hold over time. I may attempt to do another one in the future, but that's very iffy. :)



Kumihimo Bracelet 1- Chrome, Silver, & Gold

This bracelet uses long magatama beads- round beads pulled out to look similar to a horse hoof in shape- and woven on eight threads simultaneously via a disk which is rotated a quarter-turn with beads pushed into the center of the disk every time a thread is lifted, placed, and relocated on the disk, where a weight pulls the braid down. All the planning and design is done beforehand, and one can only hope that the tension and number of beads will work out- and once the beads are woven on, they're on unless the whole piece is destroyed and rewoven. The design is woven with sturdy thread, not C- or S-Lon, so it is narrower and longer-lasting.

This piece is very classy and will go with anything! This design is customizable- if you like the style, use the custom form to request one of your favorite colors!


Amethyst Sky

Kumihimo Bracelet 2- Amethyst Sky

This piece began as an experiment. I felt confident enough with my kumihimo-weaving skills that I wanted to try beads with an unusual shape- and gemstone chips were just the thing, especially since I usually only use gemstone chips on rare occasion now that I've learned multi-strand weaving. Happy to say it came out lovely! Matching translucent seed beads with colored cores shine and match the colors perfectly of these amethyst chips and turquoise rounds.




This piece began as a commission for a good friend of mine. It is the second attempt of three made to make his necklace, and named after the goddess Persephone (aka "Kore") due to the very dark beads involved- black and gunmetal-hued magatama beads with an aurora borealis finish. The first time around, the thread came up a half-inch too short, and had to be undone. The second time, I inserted a leather cord to help weight the piece- and due to it, it became ridged, not in a spiral pattern coloration like we'd expected (thus wordplay: "Kore" -> "core"). The result? A heavier kumihimo bracelet, with a leather core and ridges rather than spiral design, ending in silver petal-style end-caps (also a first for me!) and a handmade, wire-wrapped loop closure with silver toggle. Due to having purchased extra beads, I was able to craft my friend's necklace- and he gave me permission to offer this piece to you in hopes it will be enjoyed and well-loved for many years to come.


Forest Splash

Forest Splash

This bracelet uses bright metallic-copper magatama beads and strikes up a leopardlike, spotty contrast with matte khaki-colored (with some hints of rose and gold) beads, which were left over from the first kumihimo necklace I ever made. This piece is larger than the others, at 9" from each endcap and slightly longer than that with the clasp on. It's best for a larger build or someone who enjoys loose, flopping bracelets. This was otherwise going to be one of my personal favorites!


Forest Splash

Copper Evening

This bracelet was going to be the personal piece for my fiance, but it turned out to be a bit too large after revamping what used to be a copper lobster clasp! So here it is, just for you.

This piece is truly lovely, as it uses metallic copper beads with a spiral of glossy black magatama beads. It also has matte black round seed beads at each end, paired with matte black rounds. Together, it makes a profound statement in the difference in visual texture. It can go well with almost everything!


Aurora Borealis

Kumihimo Bracelet 0- Aurora Borealis

This kumihimo bracelet is actually the very first one I ever made. I have modified it to be in the style of the gold, silver and chrome kumihimo bracelet- ie, with a silver toggle clasp and endcaps. The seed beads are knotted firmly at each end, then superglued before being sunk into jeweler's resin- so the design is built to last. These glossy aurora borealis magatama beads are absolutely lovely under bright lighting and shimmer different hues in darker lighting. The colors are brighter than "Kore" because of this.


Lemuria Bracelet

Kumihimo - Lemuria

Companion to the Lemuria necklace, this bracelet is very similar (but not exactly identical- enough to blend in). It features pale lilac glass pearls, aurora borealis matte cerulean blue magatama beads, periwinkle translucent beads, white thread to help brighten the look, and lovely hand-wrapped silver wire closures with a silver-coated pewter sculpted mermaid clasp. It is 6" long and has its own luminescent glow.

$50. If you also purchase the Lemuria necklace, this bracelet will be 50% off for only $25!


Tortoise Claw Bracelet

Tortoise Claw Bracelet

This funky bracelet uses black glossy magatama beads in the kumihimo style of weaving, and translucent striped blue claw beads. Quite a unique and edgy shape! Comes with black glossy-painted end caps and a simple silver toggle.


Goddess Bracelet

Goddess Pendant Bracelet

This soft and lovely bracelet uses a silver goddess charm, amethysts and rose quartz with hand-hammered silver wire spirals. Very nurturing and healing for those who appreciate all nurturing and loving ladies. Features a gold hook and eye clasp.