~Bags & Pouches~

Kitsune Visions' creative urges naturally bubble over into multiple different forms. Fabric is no exception. Built for durability and tested in the great outdoors, everything is made by hand and is a joy to bring into reality for you or your loved ones to make a part of your everyday grab & go- with functional and unique style that only handcrafted can bring!

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The Two Bags that Started It All..

~Ditty Bags~

Bags are 14-17" long and vary 7-9" in diameter, in a round, pleather-bottomed style with or without decorative stitching on the pleather and seam where both fabrics meet. Both styles have durable pleather bottom (of varying height, usually 1-3") so as to handle outdoor usage. They also are drawstring closure.

"Crane Fields". Not for sale. Example of two-style bag.

Two-Fabric Style-
This style of ditty bag is relatively simple: It is comprised of two different types of fabric for the exterior. It has interior lining and grosgrain ribbon handle so as to be relatively light around one's shoulders, wrist, etc, and a pleather bottom.

Second bag, example of three-style bag. Middle color doesn't go all the way around.

Three-Fabric Style- This style of ditty bag is more complex: It is comprised of two to three different types of fabric for the exterior. The center fabric may wrap around the whole bag or it may be a 'window', with the back half one of the border color/s, if you plan to be especially active. This style also features the pleather bottom.

Due to its method of construction, the drawstring closure with ribbon naturally creates opportunity to wear it across one's back, and doubles as a single drawstring loop! For wear as a backpack, please do not overpack it so that the ribbon closure, which must be sewn on one point, lasts longer. Rethreading with new ribbon is a simple fix should the ribbon wear out.



Pouches are what happen if you just need them for smaller purposes. Plus, they're just flat-out super fun and convenient in case you do happen to need them, so if you like them- stock up while you can since there may not be one like the ones listed for a while! Pouches are made from our scraps, and as such, are typically very varied in construction method. Some may be drawstring or flat, others may be lined or unlined. Accordingly, pricing varies.

coming soon! Check back often :)

~Super-Light Wallets~

On the go for the summer? Grab a super-light batik! No room for cash, but it will gladly hold up to ten standard-size gift and credit cards! They're so light you just might wonder where your wallet went!

coming soon! Check back often :)

~Custom Bags~

Please specify length, color/patterns and diameter desired; otherwise, bag will range from 14-20" long and 7-9" wide, lined and with a pleather bottom. Custom bags are lined with your choice: satin* or cotton and lined throughout. Lining on bottom of bag is directly sewn to the interior bottom of pleather for extra durability to keep the bag from bottoming-out if it should happen to rip. We will work together on what fabric you would like; Kitsune Visions has ready access to a few fabric shops in the area.

If no specifications are given for a custom bag, assume that the default bag will be made with an interior lining of whatever happens to be on hand and either is a contrasting or complimentary color to the exterior- same with the thread colors. If clientele is unpleased with the final product, the bag will become available for sale or altered (at discretion of Kitsune Visions) and a new one will be created or present one finalized with the new parameters. To get started on a custom ditty bag, contact us! It will be a joy to do so for you!

*=Satin in stock: black, moth-beige, navy blue.

We love upcycling fabric! If we can, we often enjoy obtaining clean fabric in great shape from thrift stores so as to keep it out of landfills and give new life to it.