~About Kitsune Visions~

"Kitsune Visions represents and holds my purpose in life: to bring healing, creativity and joy to others. Life is beautiful and so is being able to spin dreams into reality."

Caine Steele is a fantasy artist, writer and crafter. He grew up self-taught, first practicing with Crayola and then watercolors. As he continued to grow, he began to branch out into pastels, acrylics, oils, charcoals, photography, pottery, sculpture and ceramic, mixed media, markers, inks, airbrushing, resin-casting, sewing, and other forms of arts and crafts. Beading is his most recent expression. Always pursuing that which would be creative in nature, he pursued a degree in Graphic Design in Middlesex Community College. The skills he learned (including some web design) have come in helpful and enabled him to deepen his artistic understanding and pursue more abstract concepts and bring them to life. He particularly enjoys creating solely for the sake of doing so; bringing joy to others is a side perk!

Kitsune Visions is his hopes and dreams made manifest. It helps him focus all his prolific creations into a more comprehensive form, and is something he believes in with all his being.